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  1. Hey Jay - Nottingham will give you a better rental return and it is also primed for significant capital growth, so I would definitely consider there. In terms of property number 2, I would continue to look at midlands/north but I might choose a different location so all your eggs aren't in one basket
  2. Hey james - glad if my posts were helpful if you can replace your income straight away with any of the strategies then that's your answer of course. if not, I would maximise opportunity for capital growth as this will help you expand your portfolio quicker overall than a bit of extra rental income per month i.e. option 2 over option 1 - hope that makes sense! if time is of the essence, then i would consider option 3 more as the quickest way to build your capital to have enough to invest and achieve the rental income you want. option 3 is just higher effort and higher risk so i wo
  3. sorry one last post - if you're still stuck, it might be because your goal isn't specific? 'as much money as possible as soon as possible" isn't a goal you can really work towards. If you were more specific about what income you'd like by when and why, then it'd be easier to discuss options. without that, anyone's answers will only be helpful to a limited extent
  4. plus, with option 2 you can diversify i.e. invest in different areas. rather than have all your eggs in one basket
  5. Personally i would do option 2. You'll get about as much income as option 1, but with 4x the capital growth. Plus would prob be less effort than options 1 and 3.
  6. https://propertytorenovate.co.uk/ https://renovateme.co.uk/renovationproperty
  7. Hi Sam - lots of big questions! Some of them are quite basic and - as you say - you are a beginner, so perhaps take some time first to educate yourself more before buying. Firstly, why don't you check out the recent podcast covering how brexit is likely (or rather, not so likely) to affect the housing market: https://www.thepropertyhub.net/whats-brexit-done/ In terms of yield to aim for, that's not something anyone else can really tell you - it's up to you to consider what return you are happy with! What I would say though is that calculating return on investment is usu
  8. Sorry to hear you're having such a bad experience, particularly on your first BTL. If you feel that strongly that the level of service is so bad that you shouldn't have to pay the requisite legal fees, raise a formal complaint. You could then potentially escalate the matter to the Legal Ombudsman disclaimer - i haven't used the Legal Ombudsman myself and do not know a lot about it, so perhaps call their enquiries line for further information about if and how they can help
  9. Hi Trevor, I live in London and also invest in the north. I do viewings at the weekend - tiring but do-able. Are weekends not an option for you? I usually get a train after work on Friday, to increase the time I have in the area on Saturday. I find viewings get cancelled all the time, so I book a load in but make sure i have a lot of other potential properties/agents I can enquire about if something falls through and I have free time. Things move so fast that more often than not agents have something different on the day, or something new you can look at that still mee
  10. My friend owns property in Madrid and has lived in Spain for years. He has started a website with all the info you need to buy in spain: https://www.buy-in-spain.com/ Msg him for any advice - he's a lovely guy and really knowledgeable!
  11. Hey Jacob - I saw no-one had responded to your post yet so I thought I'd see if I could help! Firstly, I love the enthusiasm and it sounds like you're in an ideal position to learn about property and build a career in it. I see you've asked for a resource/book which might guide you as to when to purchase a property, taking into account the wider workings of the UK economy. I'm not sure how easy it is to recommend such a resource! As you probably appreciate, there are so many things that may affect property prices and rents, and the economy is a big subject! But as a sta
  12. Hey puppyleigh, Mortgages are long-term products and therefore not designed for flipping, as flipping is typically a short-term strategy. So the two don't go hand in hand. For example, the mortgage rate is based on the term of the loan - which of course is usually decades in total. The lender can therefore offer a relatively low rate (compared to short-term finance rates), because over the course of the whole term they will still make money. Whilst you may get away with flipping on a mortgage, if the lender realises what you're doing you may be blacklisted - so possibly
  13. depending on how much capital growth your properties have achieved, perhaps you could sell a few and raise enough to pay off the mortgages on the rest? that way you can have unencumbered properties and no re-mortgaging to think about in your later years. not sure what everyone else's thoughts are but that is my company's long-term strategy at the moment
  14. Hi Nik, It sounds like you have a lot of options and opportunities - which is great! But I don't think there's any better or worse scenario someone can offer up without knowing more about you and what you really want from life. For example, do you and your wife dream of having a big family in a nice big home for them with a garden, etc? then maybe option 1 is best. or would you like as much passive income as possible, to have more time for family, hobbies, etc? then maybe option 2 is best Or you could have a bit of both. Buy a cheaper buy-to-let
  15. Hi Dean, I have a very similar question at the moment - did you ever get a response to the above? Would you mind saying what happened next and if you found someone you're happy with? Many thanks, Rachel
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