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  1. Hi Sam, A bit overdue hopping on this chain! I am based on the Island and can safely say it is an awesome place to get a BTL! The range of property available is like no other! If you wanted to have a chat about investing on the island, let me know and I'd happily chat! All the best from 2021! Olie
  2. Hi Paul! I am slightly out of this region, and source solely on the Isle Of Wight! It's a great part of the country to live and work in! It'd be great to connect and see if I could help in anyway? I know of a few Sourcers closer to your specific area also if that would be of any use? https://www.seawaysshore.com/
  3. I have personally been using Monday.com, which is a great mix of click and drag and classic spreadsheet data entry! I'd highly recommend to anyone who loves setting up automations on their workflows!
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