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    Professionaly qualified (IEng) Civil Engineer with real world skills and construction management experience. Currently working for a national housing developer in regional technical office.
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  1. Hi kane c, Yes, received wisdom is to not scale plans but when acting in a formal capacity. As you are trying to reach a sensible conclusion with your neighbour, a 'not so accurate' approach might be sufficient. If a surveyor was involved, they would use this information as a guide but would not reply on it. Your title register would suggest that responsibility for the boundary is therefore shared and presumably the physical feature would sit on the legal boundary. The ditch does cloud the water. What you are referring to is riparian ownership of a watercourse . If it
  2. Hi Hubbers, I'm Matt and taking first proper steps on the property 'journey'. I wanted to make a move back in 2013 but learning from the Rob's and Pete Matthew, I took a step back to build my finances and a safe base. That's now done and realigning my efforts. Based in Stourbridge West Midlands, I'm planning to create a BTL company, forcing appreciation through refurbs then refinancing. The goal is to create enough passive income to quit my job. Stretch target is 45, but at least by 50. I'm a professionally qualified Civil Engineer with construction, site management and design exp
  3. Hi kane c, I'm not a legal adviser or in that profession but I do work with title plans and conveyancing professionals on a day to day basis. I would get hold of the title plans from land registry for your property and the neighbour's. You should be able to scale dimensions on both from fixed features, such as houses. This will allow you to have a sensible conversation with your neighbour. You could get hold of the title register which contains all manner of covenants, restrictions, charges and other arcane language. This document would highlight anything abnormal or s
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