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  1. Hi all, Firstly my apologies for not posting anywhere near as much as I should! It is renewal time for my BTL, and I am torn between fixing in between 2 and 5 years. The two options provided by my mortgage broker makes the 2 year (2.19%) cheaper by £376 over the first 2 years, however I am swinging toward the 5 year (2.44%) for the peace of mind over the next 5 years whilst we deal with an potential fall or from the B word, whatever that may be... Appreciate everyone’s circumstances are different, but would love to hear what sort of length terms people have been, are, and are pl
  2. I'd refrain from making any complaints to the police until you have exhausted every other option. Mainly because when if/when you do come to sell the house you won't have to fill in the section of the paperwork which explains about disputes with neighbors, that would be an instant red flag for any potential buyers. How about approaching the landlord with the intention of buying the house off them? If they are a nightmare tenant the landlord may be willing to sell the house at a BMV price to offload the stress. Leaving you a chance to re-furbish and re-tenant...
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