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  1. Hi Lee dee, as youngjoe says, I think anarchy would rein if there was a re-vote or anything like that. There must be balanced books out there - but at the time, I found Professor Michael Dougan to have been one of the more educated voices on the topic, though he was a clear remainer. Google him and he has a few videos on YouTube. Thanks again to all who replied as well. Interesting (and optimistic) thoughts from a property investment perspective.
  2. Makes perfect sense Richard - thanks for taking the time to explain!
  3. Thanks Richard - great way to look at it..find the opportunity or sensible option in any scenario. Just as an aside, what is pound-cost averaging?!
  4. Thanks Dino - all really valid points and the “booms or tanks” point is a good way to look at it!
  5. Interesting... We definitely have different views about the core topic (I too don’t believe the project fear line, but I also don’t believe the “we were alright before the EU, we’ll be alright after” line - primarily because the world is such a vastly different place and the levels of complexity we now have to deal with are so vastly greater and scale and partnerships mean more (to me) now... ...but I do get the point re demand not going anywhere other than north whilst we don’t address our house building issues. Any concerns that in 15 years time, one of the Brexit impacts may be lesser demand meaning it’s difficult to sell a portfolio (or, again, you not worried about the crystal ball stuff?). Thanks for replying btw
  6. Before I get too deep in, this isn’t a post about politics, sides of the fence, rights, wrongs or any of that. From a pure investment perspective, how is Brexit affecting people’s thinking or strategy regarding property? Are people holding off buying until after March 29th? Are you confident that the UK is an island with a finite amount of space so property will forever be a good investment regardless of, say, potentially reduced EU immigration? Are you forsaking rental yield in the search of long-term growth? Or is it a distraction having no impact on your future plans? i have the opportunity to make a few investments both now and early 2019, but just weighing up whether to stick or twist while we’re in this period of uncertainty... Welcome any wise thoughts...
  7. Thanks for replying and sharing thoughts Paul. Re cutting out normal people, I think that depends on probability of attracting an investor's bid...which is the impossible, unknown question (without listing it!). More thinking to do, clearly...
  8. Thanks Haf. They're great tenants, always pay on time etc, but that's difficult to convey in particulars, I guess. appreciate the response.
  9. So, first post in the forum - be nice! Long story short, my wife and I own a rental property (3-bed house in SE18, London) that is tenanted for the next 11months. As we've slowly explored the challenges posed by the new tax regime on landlords, we believe our best move is to continue investing via a limited company...however it won't be cost effective to move our current property to one (switching ownership between us isn't optimal either). Question then is "can we sell a property with tenants in it"? Does anyone have experience of this? It clearly lessens the target market just to BTL investors - does this have a hugely detrimental impact on price? All thoughts gratefully received!
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