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  1. Howdy Hubbers! I'm in need of a bit of advice regarding a refurb... I'm about to refurb a rental property. I've purchased all the materials, new kitchen plus bathroom. Basically everything and I now need builders to execute it. The contractor recommended by my designers is not an option. I know enough to know his numbers don't make sense. So it looks like I'm gonna have to run this like a contractor and hire the labour directly... My questions to all you wonderful people are these; For a full refurb, ie back to brick what is the workflow? Where do I start and how do I progr
  2. Can anyone put me in touch with a solicitor that handle the conveyancing for an unmortgaged property into a limited company? Cheers!
  3. Hi Folks A quick question regarding transfer of a privately owned property into a LTD company. The property I want to transfer is without any mortgage so I guess that all that remains to be done is for a solicitor to register the property in the company's name at the land registry office. Has anyone done this before? Any idea how much I should budget for? And also when it comes to the stamp duty, will I have to pay for a valuation? and what stage of the process would I need to do this? I'm an 'accidental landlord', but now that the mortgage is
  4. Greeting folks... Does anybody have any recommendations for London based builders? Got a flat to refurb, in need of a new bathroom, Kitchin and WC Cheers!
  5. Hello Joseph, Interested to hear how this one goes as I'm in exactly the same boat! So do please let me know any hurdles you come up against and I'll do likewise, hopefully we'll have some mutually beneficial knowledge to share. At the moment I'm looking at what sort of Mortgages are available to me and structuring the venture around that. All the best to you!
  6. Thanks Phil, that's immensely helpful advice! I'm certainly giving a lot of thought to the north and have been reading up on the northern powerhouse so I may well bump into you at a hubber's meet up in that neck of the woods! Cheers!
  7. Greetings all! I thought I’d just drop a few lines here as to my current situation, strategy and goals to see how it stacks up on this forum. Basically I will be getting into property full time from May 2019 and will be around this forum regularly for advice, encouragement and comradeship! OK, so I’ve had a nice little flat in South London since the early 90’s which has done very well value wise over the years. But now the lease is about to drop to under 90 years so I’ve decided to sell it on. Obviously there’s also the option of extending the lease, however I want to increase my c
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