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  1. When I was a tenant at some stage my LL sacked off his agent on renewal and gave me different account details to pay rent. Not sure if it was legit but it worked fine!!
  2. Hi Gareth, Just to note: a QS is not the same as a Building Surveyor (BS?!) despite both being "chartered surveyors".. A bit like the difference in a surgeon and gp both being docs. It's worth understanding if you want your QS to do a one off estimate or potentially help get a builder into a decent contract, police that monthly payments are fair etc. that means monthly work and if the build is small the % fees can look high but like a good accountant... They should save more than they cost. The RICS will put you in touch with members practicing in the area. You can search the website or
  3. Hey Joe. Looks good... In fact a double door from the kitchen to the half lounge would make a great space! Maybe you weren't budgeting that but think about future-proofing that option. When the kitchen comes due for an upgrade the door might be a marginal increase on getting that work done. Technically: just remember any new door needs a lintel. It will need to be a lightweight stud as there will be no structure below to pick up the weight of block work. Note stud work might not give the user of that room much privacy, couple boarding and an acoustic lag cost very little but will let a young
  4. Does the seller of the leasehold interest have recourse to a lands tribunal or something? You should ask your solicitor or prompt her to ask her. Normally freehold/leasehold issues have recourse to a third party. My (limited) experience is a lot of the freeholders are held at arms length by their solicitor in order to justify a fee stream!!! Ultimately the leaseholder has a contract with a freeholder and should be able to escalate and defeat and unreasonable behaviour! B
  5. Project "deposit save" is underway as this year's ISA wrapper is being put to good use. I have to say, the link into money-stepper from the property geek podcast is really helpful in adding discipline to goals...
  6. I live in tooting having rented in Wimbledon and Earlsfield. I would guess the spread on rents feels less than on values? IE tooting yeild is a little better? It's been interesting to see the change even in the time we've been here.
  7. Oh and find the Estates Gazette in WHSmiths or Property Week by subscription, online subscriptions available for both.
  8. Hi all, I work for a listed REIT and we're purely commercial (retail). Our lot size is big and we only do prime but some key things as I see them. (I've mentioned my employer in intro but needless to say these views are my own) Properties are valued broadly as a function of income x market floating yield. The latter is a key driver and whilst yields can be higher they are more volatile. Ie: current weight of capital is sending through the floor, institutional money is running out of prime assets to park itself in and is moving to secondary but when it leaves, it leaves fast and yeilds can ope
  9. Hi all, I came across the hub via property geek podcast and then the property podcast. By way of introduction, I am perhaps coming to this back to front but am brand new to (and still some way off from) my own investments. I am a chartered surveyor and work for a company called Hammerson. We are one of the UKs largest listed property companies, one of 3 in the FTSE100 and the only one with a purely retail focus making us one of europe's leaders in that space. Within that big team I am in our development arm where we are currently chalking up big schemes for Brent Cross and Croydon. That inv
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