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    I'm the MD of Inside Liverpool, an education and consultancy company that helps investors make more money in Liverpool, by teaching them what to buy and where. I have been a landlord since 2010 and Pre-2013 I was an English teacher, now I educate people about property in Liverpool
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    I am the Queen of Liverpool :)
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  1. We have property in Anfield - it's not without its problems from time to time, but there is a direct correlation between yield and hassle, so I certainly wouldn't avoid the area, but it's important you know what you're getting into and you have an amazing managing agent. My advice would be to go with a 3 bed house over a 2 bed in the area, and you're probably looking at about £1120k for a ready to let property there now. Close to Anfield Stadium, Arkles Road, Wenlock Road, Hornsey Road, Priory Road etc - Rents on these are around £650pcm now Good luck! V x
  2. Hey Nate, Not to put a dampener on things but your idea of buying low is the current market is virtually impossible if you are only looking on Rightmove and in the auctions. It is a seller's market right now and may well stay like that for a while longer... I would suggest, instead, you buy something ready done (trades are super hard to find right now and materials costs are going up so much due to supply issues) and use a 75% mortgage to leverage the banks money as much as possible. And, if you buy something in an area of capital growth, you could then refinance in a few years (maybe 2years but more likely 5 years) to pull out some cash and go again. This would allow you to get a tenant in super quick too, getting you cash in the bank more quickly. Anyone that understands business, knows that voids are a killer to your profit line and long refurbs will become very expensive over time.. Additionally, if you can but a house that has "potential" you could add some value to the property in the future, if you wished to - extra bathroom, extension, loft conversion etc Good luck! V x
  3. My personal opinion is that nobody should invest in off-plan developments in Liverpool - we have a habit of not building them! And some of our developers like their champagne lifestyles more than they like hard work so... Here's a few blogs & video of ours you may find helpful: https://inside-liverpool.co.uk/the-rise-and-fall-of-more-liverpool-city-centre-developments/ AND (apologies my face is huge here and I don't know how to change that ha ha)
  4. Hey Lauren Properties in The Baltic (L8) Liverpool should rent easily - are you offering furnished? I would for a one bed city centre apartment. We have a few properties nearby that we get £675 and £695 for furnished (no parking space), not sure if you have parking too - if you do, you should defo get another £50pcm For your calculations, yield is a loose way to compare deals if you have two or more on your desk to look at. But beware, there is definitely a positive correlation between high yield and hassle! Been there, got the t-shirt.. In Liverpool right now (Oct 21) 6-7% yield is about right, anything more than that probably has some downsides to it that you may not beware of. I have a really easy to follow system that teaches you how to view properties, stack the deal (using a spreadsheet we created and with a refurbs estimate guide that we provide), and then how to place an offer in a way that makes you look really professional to agents - Liverpool is a super fast market so ensuring agents take you seriously is imperative! If I can be of further help, just holler V x
  5. Hey Firstrung, Appreciate your post is a few months old but if you're still looking to invest in Liverpool, we have tons of good advice on our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/InsideLiverpool L13 Old Swan is a brilliant area for investment, the 3 bed terraces here are in huge demand from tenants but you'll probably do better with ROI/yield on the 2 bed terraces: Gidlow Road, Herrick Street, Day Street and the like. L13 is split into 3 areas: Old Swan, Stoneycroft and Tuebrook, all quite different in terms of price/rent/tenant type. My preference is Old Swan - look for the Tesco, Aldi & Costa and you won't go far wrong! L8 is also gorgeous and my most coveted postcode, but it's so hard to find anything here. It sells like hot cakes! I would steer clear of anything that has a service charge, so avoid individual flats in buildings - your profits will vanish quickly after you've paid service charge, ground rents and possibly sinking funds too. Freehold houses - 2 and 3 bed terraces - are much better, and you will get some great capital growth over time here too. Views of the river are very desirable amongst young professionals and there's a tight knit family community also. Check out our Youtube channel above and download our FREE postcode Guide from our website here: https://inside-liverpool.co.uk/our-services/ Then let me know if you need any more help. Good luck in your search! V x
  6. Hey Martin I realise it is a little late now, but for future viewings in and around Liverpool you should check out Neil Holman of https://www.propertyviewernorthwest.com He has done loads of viewings for us and our investors Good luck in your search! Vicki x
  7. Most kind of you to share us Neil
  8. Our two main auction houses in Liverpool are Sutton Kersh; https://www.suttonkersh.co.uk/auctions-property/ and Venmores: https://www.venmoreauctions.co.uk/home These are currently online, and each has a different process that you follow so please do make sure you know what they require and how their process works. Also, remember to check the legal pack on the day you bid as these change and are updated all the time and can be updated until just a few hours before the lot is offered! Buyer Beware as they say! You might find these blogs of ours useful: https://inside-liverpool.co.uk/how-not-to-buy-at-auction/ https://inside-liverpool.co.uk/buyer-beware/ I don't want them to put you off, but to remind you to be careful when buying at auction Good luck! Vicki www.inside-liverpool.co.uk/our-services
  9. Hey everyone, I run Inside Liverpool, we provide education and consultancy to property investors who want to buy property in our city We run online training/coaching and have courses all specific to Liverpool, to ensure you know what to buy and where, so you don't buy crap in a bad area, and you maximise you profits. Here is a list of our services that might help you: https://inside-liverpool.co.uk/our-services/ I highly recommend out 5 Steps to Successful Buy to Let, as although we focus on Liverpool, the steps and the concepts we teach can be applied anywhere! Come follow us on https://www.instagram.com/insidel1verpool/ and https://www.facebook.com/InsideLiv Good luck guys! Vicki x
  10. Hey Isballa Did you get sorted with a new letting agent? If not, happy to recommend if you tell me a bit more about the property and tenant type Drop us an email: hello@inside-liverpool.co.uk and I can intro you to the right agent for the house Best, Vicki www.inside-liverpool.co.uk
  11. We (Liverpool) have had an amazing year, not seen anything like it in a long time! Long may it continue
  12. Have you already bought the property Charlie? What work is needed? There is a supply & demand issue in Liverpool at the moment with trades people so the good ones are often booked up for a bit. Your letting agent should be able to sort small jobs for you.
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