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    Pretty much everything! Have always been interested in the renovation and development side of things, specifically adding value through modernisation / extensions (so I'd include planning laws in here) and even some of the new building techniques.

    Recently moved into the rental side of things, specifically HMOs, buying BMV strategies, cash flow maximisation and tax limitations.

    Moving past that I'm interested in the developments in technology surrounding property, and how this can be integrated into the relationship to benefit both tenant and landlord.
  • My skills
    New to this so the best skill I have right now is a overwhelming desire to learn! Have renovated a couple of properties in the past, so do have some basic knowledge of building, plumbing, electrics, planning etc. Also feel I have a good knack with building a rapport with trade and working out a deal.
  • My goals
    I'll break these down into long, medium and short.

    Long term (5+ year)
    Move out of working 5 days a week in IT by the time I am 45
    Be able to take the same holidays and my wife (teacher) and daughters (when they go to school)
    Have a portfolio of properties that are 75% hands-off and generating £5K cashflow per month

    Medium term (3-5 years)
    Be purchasing 2 BTL properties per year
    Have created a property 'business'
    Paying my daughters school fees solely from cashflow from property
    Have tried more than one purchase and letting strategy
    Short term (1-3 years)
    Continue to develop my learning
    Reinvest funds currently locked in poor performing Reading BTL (from a cashflow perspective) into properties within the Midlands.
  • Interests outside property
    Sports of all shapes and sizes, watching live whenever and wherever possible. Stock market investing, and learning all about the weird and wonderful companies that are out there. Finally, learning all about being a Dad.

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  1. Rest assured Tim I wasn't planning on doing the referencing myself I will definitely check out the NLA and RLA and see what they offer, as well as speak to my agent about the exact checks that they undertake. Thanks for all your help so far on this, it's been great!! Have a good weekend, Chris
  2. Thanks Tim. I have looked at a few policies like these, and the agent I use has referenced the tenant (although to what depth I'm unsure, as what they shared with me was quite basic, but then again I'm not sure what they can / should be sharing with me). I don't suppose you could recommend a referencing template (or type of questions) that I could potentially work with the agent to use? I'm sure the agent has this covered, but I'd be interested to compare (and then potentially add in for future tenants, as I'll be looking to use the same agent for the next let). Thanks, Chris
  3. Thanks again for the additional detail Tim, it's helped me understand this from both landlord and tenant side and set's my mind at ease that I'm in a 'normal' situation The law side of things is something that I'm very interested in, especially as I start to make some tentative steps into the world of BTL. I am looking to provide a solid service to my tenants, ensuring they are getting a good, well maintained property (from myself, but also from the agent I employ) at a reasonable rent. In return I'm hopeful that I get a tenant that respects the property, pays their rent on time, and is h
  4. Tim this is awesome, thank you so much!! So it looks as though what the agent has set-up is fairly standard, with a Fixed Term agreement for 6 months and then rolling into a Statutory Periodic Tenancy thereafter. The AST we have both signed details this, as well as the notice period you reference above, so looks like they have it covered. My concern was that a SPT somehow gave the tenant additional rights, and if something goes wrong it would be harder to get them to vacate the property (not that I'm thinking it will, but you never know ). But from what you say it's no different from a
  5. Hey Hubbers, Looking for a little advice on the difference between AST and periodic tenancy's and which might be better to use. I've just taken on a property in a new area to me, and the agent I'm using has, as standard, a AST that ticks over to a periodic tenancy after 6 months. This is something I've not come across before as typically all the agreements I've had (as a landlord and a tenant) are 12 month ASTs with 6 month break clauses and two month notices either side. The agent says tenants in the area prefer this level of flexibility, and I've no reason to doubt this is true.
  6. Hey Chris, I've read some of your posts/questions you had when you were looking to buy a property. I found myself in a very similar situation just 6 months down the line from you, I too currently live down south, but am looking to buy a property in Newcastle Under Lyme (know the area a little/family there). In particular I was looking at the Hartshill area for (hopefully) some hospital working tennats. I plan either a Buy to Let or to go down the HMO route. I was hoping you could share h...

  7. Stuart that's great, so quick and easy to get an initial idea of what will work and what your financial position will be at the end! I will certainly use it as my first point of project triage
  8. Hi Richard The Refurb Calculator is part of an awesome property package that Rob D put together. It's not currently available, but I believe it soon will be (sorry for any spoiler Rob!). There I can't unfortunately share it In regards to the refurb mortgages, could you share any details about the lenders your broker might have mentioned? Just names and any initial costs would be great! Thanks, Chris
  9. Thanks Rob, appreciate the input. I did a bit of basic research last night and the opinion was less than positive! I thought it might be like an auction where you get a legal pack upfront, but from what I've read even that's not a guarantee. Seems like all the risk is with the buyer, and you are paying a premium to enter into this stress. Is this method the last step before it moves to auction do we know? I'm going to ask the EA is the vendor is open to direct offers, but I already know what the response will be. Seems a shame that the property is effectively locked into this method. L
  10. Hey Hubbers So I've recently come across this way of selling / purchasing, but I'm not really sure about the finer details. It seems as though you pay a reserve to secure the sale and then you have 28 days to exchange, and 28 days to complete (so a little slower going than a normal auction purchase, but quite similar to buying repossessions). My query therefore is essentially two-fold: 1) What else should I know about this method? For example, do I get a legal pack up-front? What responsibilities does the EA have to make sure my solicitors get what they need / have swift answers to
  11. Simon, Stuart, many thanks for the replies! It sounds as though I have a couple of options depending on what the property needs doing to it. As I say most of what I'm looking at would be classed ad functional and lettable (throwing in a few bigger projects just to give me an idea of what is out there), so I'm hoping my options remain wide. I have a decent budge set aside for any work, and a 3-6 month timeframe should be achievable. These light refurbs products you both mention, are they readily available? I work with a couple of brokers in my area but I've never heard them mention thes
  12. Hi Hubbers, Looking for a little advice on what possibly is a quite basic topic. I'm looking at properties that need work doing to them. Not major work or full refurbs, but ones that are tired / outdated / unloved. What I'd like to understand is what type of lending will I be eligible for if I look to purchase one of these properties? Will main stream / high street BTL lenders shy away if say the property has a tired kitchen and bathroom (although I must stress they are always functional, and in nearly all cases you could say in a lettable state)? Will they downgrade the potential rent
  13. Stoke does seem like it's got a good chance of improving soon, but best laid plans and all that. Most of the people I've met have been friendly enough too Not coming from the area it's hard to know whether the places we're looking at are good or not. I'd find a good bunch of houses, goodish schools, but then read in the local news that there has been trouble with anti-social behaviour or drugs. That said I'm sure the same can be said of a lot of places! I'm slowly getting to grips with everywhere, might take me a few more reccies though. Any recommendations for estate and letting
  14. HI Tara, Would love to connect, I'm up in Stoke on Thursday next week if you could spare any time? In the interest of sharing with the forum I'd also like to continue to conversation on here as well though So I've been advised that Fenton is a good place to look. Having explored it a little it looks mixed, but it's close to transport and has a couple of good primary schools there. Do you invest here? I've also looked in the Penkhull / Hartshill area, but I'm concerned it's a little swamped with rental properties, which is pushing up the property prices while keeping the renta
  15. Hi Mark Do you mean this one? http://www.landlordlawblog.co.uk/2015/03/16/some-tips-for-landlords-on-setting-up-a-procedure-for-checking-tenants/ Looks very interesting and covering all aspects (many of which can make you a little nervous about getting involved in property altogether ).. For reference of anyone following this the post also mentions the Landlord Zone free documents which I found here - http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/documents. Thanks, Chris
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