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  1. Ah, Rotherham is not an area I know much about sorry. I've not really been there, nor explored there for properties. May be worth looking at though, if the fundamentals are good (transport links, yields, tenant demand etc).
  2. Hi Paul. Good to hear from you. My property in the S2 area. S2 5 to be precise. Not sure if that is considered north-east or just east! Probably more east though. It's been a consistent little property. Took a bit of work to get it ready and a bit more cost than expected. But once it was rented out, I've had no problems with it since. Area definitely plays a part I think, but there are many variables. Hopefully the agents can give you a guide but there's no substitute for looking around to get the feel for an area - which is tough at the moment I know. Even in better areas, the
  3. Hi, I don't know all the areas of Sheffield too well, though my property is in the S2 post code - being around the city centre it obviously has its benefits, plus is very close to a tram line so commuting is easy. So that's where I would look to start - somewhere around the city centre. For me, the starting point is the property. Area is important of course, but if the numbers stack up on the property then you can look to see if other fundamentals are good according to your aims (i.e. population size, tenant profile, vicinity - shops, parks, transport links, etc). I think then you'l
  4. Hi. 2 years....how time flies! Thanks for the message. It has prompted me to take a look at this property and how it has done over 2020. Looking back at my introduction from 2018, I'm not sure how I arrived at the 20-25% ROI figure. That was probably a bit of an overestimation on my part. The deal finally completed at the end of April 2019. I had some refurb works to do, which cost a fair bit more than expected - particularly on the garden. Probably cost twice as much as I budgeted, so a lesson learned there. I also tried to do a fair bit of the refurb management myself, something I
  5. Definitely will do Sam. And likewise - let me know how you're getting on too. We're on track to complete in week or two (hopefully). At least my part is all done - paperwork all submitted etc etc. So fingers-crossed now!
  6. Hi Sam, Unfortunately I have not got very far with the blog yet - is still on the to-do list but will hopefully get to it soon. The deal in Sheffield is still going through believe it or not! There's been a bit of a chain involved but the other side should be completing very soon and so I hope to complete in the next couple of weeks. Slight complication now is that my mortgage offer is about to expire, though I have already started a new application. Hopefully that will come back this week and then we can complete next - fingers crossed! Plan then is to go back up to Sheffield,
  7. Hi Viral, Good to know about S2 as the property I’ve recently purchased is in that postcode :)
  8. Hi hufhouse, Have you checked the available documentation on the Sheffield council website re Hillsborough: https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/dam/sheffield/docs/planning-and-development/planning-applications/Article 4 Direction Report.pdf Regarding your other question, I suspect City Center areas are most popular with students and hence these are the ones most likely to be designated article 4. However, I’d suggest double checking by calling a local HMO Lettings agent and ask them for their advice?
  9. Hi David, If you have not done so already then definitely speak to a mortgage advisor and accountant on this as I am neither. However, I’d be surprised if mortgage lenders will lend to your contracting limited company - they expect you to have a special purpose vehicle set up for your property business. They do not want to take the risk of your contracting LTD being sued or going under and that also pulling the property out from underneath them. If you are buying all cash of course then that’s slightly different. But there may be tax advantages also to hav
  10. Hi Fola, I have a limited company but also some properties in my own name. I think most lenders want you to have some experience of being a landlord personally before you invest via a limited company. Technically it's the same thing of course, but I am sure there are reasons for it! I would advise to speak to a mortgage broker or two, if you have not already - they can tell you what lenders would prefer. Also, if and when you do purchase properties through a limited company then you will need to set up a separate limited company, distinct from the one you a
  11. Hi Fola, I have no problem providing info...just don't want to count all my chickens yet before this current deal has gone through! Still waiting for all the legals to complete and for contracts to be exchanged. A question for you though, I'd be interested to know how you are planning to source BMW deals? Particularly in an area far away from where you are based? Assuming it is not trade secrets of course!! Whilst I am sure there are some out there, in my experience these tend not to be on the open market and/or there's generally a reason they are BMV (i.e.
  12. Very interesting intro George. I have a purchase in Sheffield going through shortly and am looking to invest further in the area - so will be making a few more trips up there come the end of the year. I don’t know of any work experience but should I come across any I shall let you know.
  13. I think you just post and then have to wait for it to be approved sorry!
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