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  1. Absolutely, but then if you own both companies then you wouldn’t need to buy back the shares unless you were selling the property business. It would just be a way of getting funds from one company you own to another. However, a company loan is exactly the same if you own both companies. You know when the loan will need to be repaid and so know when it is a true liability to the property business because you will be making the decision. Does that help a little? Sometimes I find it difficult to put what I mean into words so if you don’t understand please let me know,
  2. I am an accountant that is looking into investing in my first property business soon and I too intend to fund the property business through my current Accountancy business. It can be done via and intercompany loan that does not have a set date of repayment or you could “invest” in the property business. As I haven’t tried to get my BTL yet, I have no experience from the lenders perspective so can’t really comment on that just yet. Also, as a guideline on prices, soletraders up to £300 for straightforward businesses sounds about right and small straight forward limited
  3. Thanks Phil, this is really good information. I really appreciate the support and advice. kind regards Selina
  4. Hi Anthony, please find attached his contact details. Please let him know that I referred you. kind regards Selina Green
  5. Hi Anthony, I am an Accountant but not based on London unfortunately but I also have a mortgage broker that I use personally and soon for my buy to let too. His name is Jaime Lines and I can give you his contact details if you are interested. kind regards Selina Green
  6. Hi Phil, I am interested in buy to let as a starting point and then possibly onto HMO’s when I have more confidence and a bigger portfolio. Although I run my own practice at the moment, I also want to run my own property rental business too and this is a great place to learn to be successful. What are you currently doing and do you have any tips or success stories so share? Kind Regards Selina
  7. Hopefully this is an acceptable introduction of myself. I am an Accountant looking into property investment as a business alongside my existing practice. I find this site saturated with information and am so pleased I stumbled across it.
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