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  1. Hi there, Thank you! Yes I am happy to share, I have attached an image. Bridge to let is back! 65% for the bridge, 75% for the BTL mortgage Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks
  2. Hi there, I am so sorry for the delayed reply... Strategy is going well but has adapted somewhat. I bought, refurbed and refinanced my first in 2019 which is now rented out and has been for over a year now. I am just about to complete the purchase of my second, this time with cash (some from an investor on a jv basis) And in other news I decided to make a career change so I can work in a property related industry, because I love it so much! :) I am now a Mortgage & Protection Advisor and loving being involved in property every day and not just on the side. I u
  3. Hi Kat, Yes... it basically doesn’t matter. I put down Active but my first property is BTL so will most likely be passive going forwards. I think they just want a box ticked for their records, so don’t get hung up on it. Thanks, Richard
  4. Debbie, Thanks for this... so as a start up with no turnover yet I am guessing I would be active until I actually earn rent from a property? Thanks, Richard
  5. Hi Phil, Thanks for your response and support. I agree with your point... better to own one in your own name that cash flows well than not at all. I think if mine worked really well as a rental it would have been a toss up, by the yield wouldn’t have been great, and I only had about 75% LTV so wouldn’t have had any equity left to go out an invest for quite a few years. Absolutely right about flipping... as it stands I have enough for 2 deposits (just) so I am looking at a flip first to top up my capital before buying to hold. Thanks again,
  6. Hi all, Listened to the podcasts/ Rob D's audio books for over a year to prepare for investing. What triggered this was being faced with the decision to keep or sell a property that was my main home, once I bought a new place with my partner. With reading all about Section 24... I decided to sell, set up a limited company and get started! It started as educating myself to make sure I was making the right decision, but has developed in to something much more... where I have a 10 year plan to build enough passive income to replace my current income. I am curre
  7. Hi all, After a year or so of planning , I am now conveyancing on the sale of my "accidental landlord" property and going to invest through a limited company due to my tax position and long term goals. I have set up the company and the company bank account... but now have some forms to complete from Santander. They are mostly straightforward but it is asking whether the company is Financial Institution or a Non-Financial Entity. Easy answer... the second one. Then it asks if it is an active or passive NFE? Reading the definitions, this is to do with the inco
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