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  1. Find one broker and stick with them. You really need to ensure the same information is being passed to the lenders each time. If moving between brokers you run the risk of the information not being the same and raising concerns.
  2. We have been using @Simon Allen for quite a few years. There are fees involved but, they are very reasonable and well worth it. There are never any drama's. I provide him with the information he needs and i never have to do anything more. For example, my parents have their own portfolio and their own broker (because they dont listen to me). They recently had a mortgage refused as the property didnt have a valid EPC. That would have never been missed by Simon. I tend to email him before i even offer on a property and let him have a look. More than once i have avoided buying after he spotted something that i hadn't considered. I have never paid more than £500 and its money well spent. He does everything. What are you paying the "portfolio builder" and what are they doing for you? Craig
  3. I also use @simon allen Wouldn't use anyone else
  4. We have used @simon allenfor a number of years. He has done four for us this year alone. Simon always replies to me the same day. It might be wise to speak with him about your situation. I never have a DIP but I do have documentation from Simon to say I'm good for the money. He may be able to assist you the same, although we have been using him a number of years now. Have a Google of searchlight finance. Craig
  5. We have recently used one in Slaithwaite which isn't a million miles away from you. What is the problem you are having?
  6. Never had this issues myself. Just done one last month. Could it be because it's a high street lender? Speak with @simon allen at searchlight finance.
  7. Did the Robs ever expand on where their development was in Ashton-under-Lyne? Just being nosy as this is one of the areas I buy in. Regards Craig
  8. I have 5 and 2 in the pipeline. I don't pay anything like that. I have also not had any problems getting a mortgage. I keep mentioning him on here but I wouldn't use anyone else other than @simon allen I have a reliable electrician, and plumber who are worth their weight in gold. I will wait for them if they are busy. I put Simon in the same bracket, he is a key part of my network. I get much more than I pay for with him. Regards Craig
  9. I use @simon allen I have been using @simon allenfor the last few years. I think it's 7 deals he has done for me now. You get what you pay for. He has prevented me from making a number of poor purchases. If you want to know anymore just ask. Craig
  10. Hi James. I'm a portfolio landlord. I don't jump through any hoops. Simon is my broker and does all the jumping. I didn't notice any difference at all when I became a portfolio landlord. I wouldn't want to be trying to deal with the lender myself. Thanks Craig
  11. Also have Starling account for the SVP. They have been fantastic.
  12. I'm by no means at expert.... However we have a few Ltd Co mortgages and I have read numerous times in the terms and conditions it say no more than 2 share holders. Speak with a good broker. They will tell you straight away.
  13. I can highly recommend @simon allen at searchlight finance. I have used him numerous times. We have just completed on one. Even with covid it was very smooth. He has steered me away from a couple of purchases which could have been lemons. Others may have just sorted fiance for them and left me with it. I don't use anyone else. Craig
  14. Apologies, I had no idea this had new comments. I suspect it will be of no use now but if your still interested I can did the policy out? It cost next to nothing on the grand scale of things.
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