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  1. Thanks Mark, I'll have a read through those articles tonight.
  2. Hi all, I've decided to invest in a couple of properties in Nottingham, but don't know much about the area yet so looking for advice. My main focus is on capital growth, but also looking for a decent rental return. I dont want the highest yielding areas unless they also happen to have the most potential for growth. Interested to know peoples opinions on which areas meet my criteria, so I can go and explore those areas further. The obvious choice from my limited knowledge of the area is to go for good quality desirable apartments in the city centre, happy to be corrected if
  3. Thank you guys, I will have a look at Starling and Revolut.
  4. I own properties in my personal name but never through a ltd company before. I'm planning on buying my next property through a ltd company which I've already setup. I've been putting in offers as a cash buyer so I want to be ready to act quickly when one gets accepted. The part I'm not sure about is buying through the ltd co but with money that is in my personal bank accounts right now. What do I need to do in order to turn my personal money into the company's money, if anything? Do I need to open a bank account in the company name and have the money in that account ready?
  5. Do any of the lenders you know offer options to enable the property purchase too. Either mortgage then remortgage or bridge then mortgage type deal? Thanks Max
  6. Good Evening All, I am planning to buy a rental property using a BTL mortgage, refurbish it and pull as much money back out as I can after 6 months by refinancing. My preferred route would be to buy the property with a BTL mortgage using a ltd company, then get a further advance after 6 months based on the uplift in value from the refurb and any discount from market value I got at the time of purchase. Does anyone have any experience of doing this or similar? Any brokers that have experience of or know of mortgage companies that are favourable for this strategy? i.e.
  7. Thanks for your replies. I've been working out my affordability just by using various affordability calculators online. The lowest was about £150,000, average around £220,000, and highest £300,000 which was Natwest. The actual amount I need to borrow is £270,000. My partner and I are both employed. I earn £45k basic, about £53k with overtime based on my last 2 P60's. My partner earns £12k. I'm hoping we can get the mortgage on our own and I think there is a reasonable chance we will, but I would like to have a plan B just in case we can't
  8. Hi, I am planning to try to buy a property from a family member in a few months, at approximately 50% of the market value. The house is for me and my family to live in so will be on a residential mortgage approximately 45% LTV. The problem is I need to borrow £270,000, but my earnings probably only allow me to borrow £240,000. To allow me to borrow the £270,000 I was thinking of getting a guarantor for my mortgage (parent). I spoke to a family friend broker about this and he more or less said guarantor mortgages are difficult to get these days i.e. don't
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