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  1. Dear Hubbers, My partner and I have just acquired a big project... three, actually. They are semi-detached Victorian properties divided into between 4 and 6 flats each. They require a total refurbishment. Anyone know of a reliable builder team that could manage to do all 3 properties at once to relatively strict timelines? We do need quality fit and finish as we intend to hold on to the properties indefinitely. Thanks in advance! CD
  2. Hi There, My fiancee and I have recently gotten into property investment and are finding our feet. It is an amazing journey thus far and this community has been very helpful. Through some hard work and persistence, we have found three very desirable properties that are part of a deceased estate. There are four siblings which have turned over the properties to a solicitor to handle. We have made contact with one of the siblings and are now preparing to contact the solicitor directly. Any pointers on how to get these properties before they go on the open mark
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