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  1. The flats are geographically diverse (I wanted to spread the risk around).
  2. Hi, just wondering if anyone has any good ideas re how to sell some of the flats within my portfolio? I want to move away from a focus on income and move towards higher growth properties. That means selling some of the (well performing in an income sense, but unlikely to be high capital growth) flats. Is there anywhere where other investors could be found? I realise I could just put it on the market as per usual when selling property but I wondered if there was some other resource that could be helpful in marketing the properties to other investors? ANy thoughts form the experts here would be
  3. Thanks to you all very much for your helpful comments. I've been speaking to some solicitors. It seems v complex. It appears that I need a solicitor as does the company and the incoming lenders will too. No doubt that will all cost a small fortune. I don't doubt that these solicitors are needed but I do not see how they would need to do much work as the sale is not like a normal sale...it's just the filing in of a couple of documents? Does anyone have any experience of doing this some of exercise? Or of any idea how much it should all cost. I have five properties that I want to transfer.
  4. I have a couple of BTLs in my own name. I want move them into a company (that already has two BTLS in it. The ones in my own name pre-date the tax changes of the last few years and I now want all of the BTLs within the same structure. What is the easiest way to achieve this? I realise there are capital gains and stamp duty implications. I'm not that worried about the capital gains as I do not think there are many (these are relatively cheap, income generating properties). I can't transfer/sell all the properties at once as the fixed rate mortgage deals on them run out on different dates,
  5. Hi, wondering if anyone here can help me as I know there are lots of experience property people here! Bit of a long one but here goes....... I’m selling my large flat to buy a house. I have a plan in mind which is: to sell the flat to a property company that I own the company will need a mortgage to buy the flat the property company will then let out the flat at first, my wife and I will rent the flat from my company we will look for a house to buy once we find one we will move out and buy the house in our names then the flat will be let out
  6. A valuer sent to a property by the lender has seriously undervalued it and will not budge with the result that the bank will not lend sufficient funds. What can I do to try to sort this situation out? And is there a podacst episode on this topic that anyone could direct me to?
  7. Thanks, that's a helpful thing to note!
  8. Thanks very much to you both, this is very helpful. Charlie
  9. Hi I'd love some advice from anyone with experience of letting their properties through a limited company. I've just set one up and need to open a bank account but all the account I've looked at seem to have lots of charges. Does anyone know of a good account bank to open an account with in this situation? Would love to hear from you! Thanks, Charlie t
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