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  1. By all means go back and discuss however I would be weary of a builder that quoted say 4K / m and then revised his quote to half of that - to me (specs being equal) that would call into question their integrity.
  2. funny how ltd comp mortgages are priced so that whatever savings you make as a result of incorporation you simply pay those to the bank.....
  3. similar reasons to myself - although I dont appreciate that Ltd Company mortgages are twice as expensive as personal - despite them demanding PG...... drawing down from a Ltd Company (if you need to) is expensive - and you may not need to do that today however its imperative that one plans for the future.... I have a Ltd Company too - however not sure whether this is a viable solution.....
  4. welcome - interested as to why you decided to buy additional properties in a Ltd Company as supposed to personal (finance is much more expensive + drawing down = double taxation). sent you a linkedIn invite.
  5. SL is the tip of the iceberg - the entire property sector is full of sharks.......be them trainers, developers, sourcers, estate agents, etc...... unfortunately plenty of gullible, desperate, lazy, vulnerable people for such charlatans to prey on. Unless people take their own initiative and do their due diligence I am not sure we will see the end of this.....
  6. that's a question for the qualified accountants however fairly sure that HMRC would see through this as a tax avoidance / mitigating mechanism as you would be listed as a director of the ltd company.
  7. some good comment above - If I was looking at this deal I would question the very low monthly rental (which I am assuming is net) on a property that could be potentially valued at 240K.....
  8. they are trying to appease to the wider public in order to get voted in - make no mistake - once they are in they will revert back to their marxist policies.
  9. "Do you have to live in the property for a length of time first? " If you aren't planning on selling then this matters not....
  10. Where are you based? I am a London based investor with a similar goal as you regarding flips up north. Happy to share notes.
  11. Loads of resources to tune into - Property Hub did some good podcasts in Sept on all the main strategies - one of which was flips. Then there are other resources such as propertytibes where there is a section dedicated to refurb and flips.
  12. This Labour Party under JC are completely against ambition, independance, success, entreprenuership, wealth - what they want is equality, but specifically an equality of mediocrity, an equality of dependence.
  13. so you're looking for a potential JV - I could be interested if the numbers and arrangement works - drop me a PM if you would like to have a chat during the week.
  14. Welcome to the forum. You are in a strong financial position and there are opportunities out there however: Do NOT rush to part with your cash Think twice about get rich quick schemes or courses worth thousands. Due diligence is king Start Local Start with what you are comfortable with Build slow.
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