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  1. Thanks Phil for the redirection! Stuart, I've had a close friend of mine, who's a Mortgage & finance man, look at having my ex removed but has failed to come up with anything! I would like to think he's looked at the 85% lenders too! I'll have a chat with him and find out if he has. Which lenders go to 85%???
  2. Hi, I'm looking at ways to grow my portfolio. I presently have 3 BTL properties, bought off plan through a property club (Instant Access), about 12 years ago. Of the 3 properties, my ex wife is on the mortgage and deeds of 2 of them. Because the equity failed to grow as IA assured me they would, One is still about £30k in negative equity, while the other is probably £30k positive. The ex just wants off the mortgages and deeds! The lender wont remove the ex unless the LTV is at 75% or better. Any advice on how to achieve this would be appreciated. At the moment I'm considering selling
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