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  1. How do you charge them redecorating charges at the end of the tenancy? Do you have that written into the tenancy agreement somewhere?
  2. So investing in gold is a "conspiracy theory"? Is this your usual habit, to dismiss all views you don't like as "conspiracy theories"?
  3. I don't think current times are different to anything seen before. This is a great video explaining how the same economic mistakes are being made today that ancient Rome made before it collapsed:
  4. The Keynesian economic system we have of continuous money printing cannot carry on indefinitely. It's creating a bigger and bigger bubble and at some point the bubble has to pop and hopefully then we will go back to sound money backed by gold and truly free markets, and our governments will no longer be able to rob us through money printing. I love Robert Kiyosaki! But I disagree with him that online teaching is the way of the future. How many parents were not keen to get their kids out of the house and back to school? I think homeschooling is a fantastic thing if parents are committed to it (rather than having it forced on them during lockdown), but the parents I've talked to have said their kids didn't learn or do much over the last 6 months. So I don't think classrooms will be replaced with Zoom anytime soon.
  5. So great to hear Robert Kiyosaki on the podcast this week! So Robert Kiyosaki has been buying gold since Robert Nixon took the US off the gold standard in 1971. And now Warren Buffet is also buying gold. Is it because they like shiny trinkets, do you think, Dino?
  6. Utter catastrophe and then a fast recovery. If governments can't print money then they are forced to NOT spend beyond their means, which means that they can no longer rob us through money printing infation and through higher and higher taxes. It will eventually result in everyone being much wealthier and the gap between the rich and the poor reduced.
  7. You bought a house with a natural spring running through it! How did you miss that? Do you mean the spring ran underneath the house? What did you do to try to stop water getting in?
  8. Hi Bendrix I see no one's replied to you yet. My guess is that if the contract you signed is called a lodger's agreement, then you're a lodger. Do you have an update on this? Have you sought legal advice?
  9. I have two tenants who want a partner to move in. The letting agent says they should move in as a permanent occupier. What legal rights do permanent occupiers have to a property? What if the tenants move out, but the PO refuses to?
  10. I'm wondering if somebody can explain how the rules and regulations are different for a small (e.g. 3 person) HMO to that of a single family let? Am I correct in thinking that a licence is not needed for a small HMO?
  11. Yes, so this gives me the impression that I should be fearful of buying in Liverpool at the moment because everyone's gone mad trying to grab property there. I need to wait for the greed to turn to fear, or to find another part of the country where people are afraid to buy, right? What do others think?
  12. Do you mean you've been living in the house while doing it up - this is how your money has been piling up?
  13. Thanks Derek, really interesting discussions in those other forums
  14. I completely agree! Surely whoever bought that property didn't know what they were doing.Surely the buyer of that property loses from day 1? It's like it's the height of the boom - people are going crazy and overpaying. It's so strange after months of loss of income for so many businesses.
  15. I use both rightmove's sold house prices (this is quite good because they often, although not always, tell you how many bedrooms and give internal photos) and also https://nethouseprices.com/house-prices is useful for checking all the sold house prices in a street, if the houses are really similar in that street.