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  1. Interested to see where in the country people would buy a £100k property right now given the choice
  2. I’ve found a flat that is on its own, on one floor, with no property or other flat attached to it. Its a freehold flat which I initially thought was an added bonus as I could make changes without having to get permission from the owner of the freehold, if it had been leasehold. I was curious as to why it had been on the market for so long as it’s a great price and now I know why - having spoken with my mortgage broker and doing some googling - turns out mortgage providers do not like lending on freehold flats. Why is this? I cannot see the logic? Particularly if the flat is on its own... If anyone has come up against this before and has a good work around or any advice it would be greatly appreciated as I have my heart set on this flat! cheers
  3. I've just submitted an offer for a 2 bed Victorian terrace but in the interest of increasing my yield I'm considering renting the rooms out separately. Would I need a HMO license for a 2 bed? The property is in Medway, Kent. Any help would be massively appreciated as I cannot find a clear cut answer anywhere online.
  4. This was published by the BBC today; does it suggest we are in the 'mid-cycle dip'?
  5. Having dipped my toe into the BTL market for the first time last year, I’ve recently decided to attempt my first flip. Me and my business partner are planning to pool some money together and buy somewhere, renovate, and hopefully sell for a profit. If it goes well we’ll go again, if the gains are modest it may just go towards another BTL... My question (or questions) are - Which renovations will add the most value? And perhaps more importantly - are we crazy for attempting this as when all is said and done it may line up with us looking to sell the property towards the end of the year when we could be crashing out of the EU!?... for a bit of background we are looking in the south east of England, namely Kent/Essex, as this is where my BTL properties are and the project will be easier to manage. any advise would be appreciated, cheers.
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