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  1. Hi Guys I'm going through a similar situation at the moment where I've literally just had an offer accepted on a 4 bed terraced house with a loft room. The staircase don't adhere to stair regs. Is there anything I need to be aware of here when undertaking checks before completing purchase? Has anyone had any issues getting covered with landlord's insurance or been subjected to any policy exemptions at all? I'm just trying to make myself familiar with any potential pitfalls and make sure I'm covered in the event of any legal claims in future? Is it just as simple as inserting a clause
  2. Hi all I was wondering if someone could assist me with the following query. I'm interesting in purchasing a 4 bed terraced property with an additional 'loft room'. I believe that the reason it's called a 'loft room' instead of a bedroom is because the staircase does not adhere to stair regulations. When renting the property out, can anyone advise as to whether they have a property with a 'loft room' and whether I should be wary of any insurance pitfalls or any potential claims that may arise in future or any other issues in relation to a loft room for that matter? Any input
  3. Hi Debbie. This was my main residence up until May 2017 after which point I was out the country for a period. Would this affect things or would I be ok as long as I sold it within 3 years? Kind regards David
  4. Hi I was just wondering if someone could help me out with the following query? I bought a second residential property 6 months ago which meant I was captured by the additional 3% stamp duty surcharge. Is there anything stopping me from putting my original residential property (which is now rented on a personal basis) in to a limited company (thus effectively selling it on a personal basis) and then reclaiming the additional stamp duty surcharge I paid on the 2nd residential property back? I appreciate I will need to pay the 3% surcharge to put a property in to a limited company but e
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