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  1. Hello again everybody! I've sought some legal advice and this is what they've told me: - Holiday lets are not subject to the same buy to let issues regarding using interest as an expense to offset profit. - Having the property in a limited company would mean profits would be subject to corporation tax, and then further div/income tax. - Getting a mortgage on a holiday let narrows our choice of lenders and came with many other charges (not competitive %, high admin fees, strange legal costs) Therefore we've decided to buy under our names and
  2. SendAnywhere is a fantastic way of sharing files between computer/phone/tablet without using a USB lead etc. Highly recommended!
  3. Hello Hubbers! We have finally got an offer accepted on a one bed flat facing the sea! We aim to short-term rent it on booking.com and Airbnb. After speaking to two mortgage brokers, there is only one lender who will offer a mortgage to us as a holiday let through a limited company. They are offering an average 3.3% for a two year fixed rate but has £2800 of fees attached to it (property is only £160k). Plus really horrible rates for solicitors which I might be charged twice for (dual representation??) My accountant doesn't really understand about property s
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