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    East anglia
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    Hi and thanks for reading my profile - Following 20 years in business, I now consider myself to be an experienced entrepreneur, I have delivered many solutions through a range of companies in the construction sector and have successfully sold and exited those businesses
    Currently we are sourcing off market land which will we will develop as a standalone or through our custom build programme to be launched early next year.
    If you feel a synergy please feel free to connect. - Thank you
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    Passive house, Custom Build, serviced plots, high quality new builds and conversions of interesting buildings such as old banks etc
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    Start ups, raising investment, ideas, marketing
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    To create a name for high end passive house developments
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    My family of 5 children - newly born twins, dog, reading lots, trying to stay fit and sports

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  1. Bolton seems to be place as a chinese investment company is going rebuild the whole town centre with a 1B investment http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2018/08/24/chinese-contractor-to-lead-1bn-bolton-regeneration/
  2. Hi Phil thanks for your message The plan is to start a developer led custom build project whereby we put planning in place across a number of various site in a specific location Each site will be different in number and design but all part of the scheme So for example you may have a site with only four houses and another may have 20 obviously priced accordingly however these places will be great to live in and have a community space where neighbours can do things together such as celebrate a royal wedding or watch England or an annual barbecue ya
  3. Hi Hugo Don't know if your still looking but personally i would look to try to grow your pot of cash by spreading around a few lower and varied investments such as a new build, a renovation and a HMO through a property crowdfunding site or such - that way you can see which performs better and if the HMO does well then you can re-evaluate the plan and hopefully with more initial cash.
  4. Hi All New to the forum and wanted to say hi I'm moving into new build developments for the first time, following many years in various construction businesses. i have a real passion that the buyer should be able to have a house that they can live very comfortably via space and low ongoing costs - due to lack of choices the buyers seem to forget their dreams and aspirations -unfortunately ending up with an identikit home the same as next door. So that is our mission is to provide - more choice - better design - cheap to run and healthy to live in
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