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  1. Hi Conrad, thanks. Yep, a terrace house as well.
  2. Hi I've seared posts and can't find an answer, so I'm hoping for some shared experiences and advice. Bought a house 7 months ago in London, property was definitely BMV as it was tired, not been touched in 50 years. Purchased the property, spent almost £60k taking it back to brick, installing new plumbing system, electrics, another bathroom, new kitchen etc etc etc. Basically the works. I’m now looking for a further advance. But suffered a massive computer downvaluation which has stopped me in my tracks. To share some figures: - property purchased £720k - property sold a f
  3. Hi all Really hoping for some guidance please as I feel very out of my comfort zone right now. I recently bought a large Victorian terrace. My plan was to split it into 2 flats as most of the houses on the road have been converted the same way. However, I’ve been doing some research and there are a few houses that have been converted into 8 bedsits. There is definitely a market for nice studios in the area. I’m a little confused as to how this is work out though; 1) If I get planning consultant on board and we manage to con
  4. @dbrist02 - thanks for raising this. Trying to work out whether I can do something similar - as a percentage, how much less is your flat than your house currently? My calculations tell me there isn't any advantage in doing this (a potential £10k refund will only go towards the £10k fee in SDLT for the SPV). Thanks
  5. A lot of hot air. There’s always something catastrophic on the horizon, it shouldn’t sway you. Personally the the more important question is have you find your sums right?. What is your strategy? does this central London pad fit?
  6. I think the only 'new' thing here is the amount she's pledged. Every prime minister has promised or gone as far as built new homes - but are they affordable? Not in London or in the south east as the gap between salaries and property prices is too large to bridge. Also, the government has continuously missed the quota of new homes, so initiatives like this this could be a drop in the ocean really. If they're homes for social housing - great. But they'll only go to those who are most in need, and unfortunately that isn't a fixed number - its growing (rich getting richer, and poor g
  7. Jumping on this as well Dean, would be helpful if you could PM me on your experiences too please. Many thanks.
  8. Anyone with some useful advice or direct me someplace I can get advice please?
  9. After some collective wisdom please I am currently remortgaging my family home and in discussions with my husband on potentially buying him out. If I were to buy him out and remortgage in my sole name; 1- we paid higher rate SDLT when bought our home (as I already had a BTL previous to the marriage which i previously lived in) - could i request a refund? 2 - would he be liable to pay higher rate of SDLT when he can afford to buy his own home? 3 - he isn't entirely keen on being removed from title deeds because of future potential profit on house -
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