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  1. Thanks Phil. i really appreciate this and you're 100% right well there is one tonight so I'll head down and go! got nothing to lose.
  2. Hey Phil, Thank you for the book recommendations. I'm planning to go to the propertyhub meet up in Leicester But am slightly nervous that is be out of place as I'm very new to this all. Would it be worth to read books and educate myself slightly before going to meet ups?
  3. Hi, my name is Stephen I'm 22 and live in the Midlands. I've recently (last month or so) have been looking into property investing. I have next to no experience or knowledge or Captial. so it's looking to be a good few years before I can do anything. in the time while I think of ways to make the Captial to start. that gives me lots of time to Learn as much as I can. this is what brings me here. been listening to the podcast and love it! (any help is greatly appreciated) I plan to be a good active member on here not that I can offer much I'll try my best!
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