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  1. Morning to all. Myself and my wife are new to the property hub and the idea of property investment in general. Right now we live abroad and have a place in the UK. We have been considering selling this place for a couple of months now to release the money that we currently have in it so that we may buy a larger property in the UK or purchase a property here in the UAE. My question is should we sell or would others with wiser heads than my own recommend sticking with our current place in the UK so that we continue to have a footing on the property ladder? We are in a quandary as to
  2. Good morning to all. I’m so pleased to have discovered the PropertyHub podcast and have now decided its time to take the plunge into the forum. A little bit about me. I’m currently an expat living in Dubai. Stepped out of the NHS for a couple of years to feed the traveling urge, got as far as Dubai and stopped! Beginning to get yearnings for home, and having recently started a family it’s time to start thinking about longer term plans and our future direction. To date we have a little flat in the UK that we rent out whilst we’re here. Nothing fancy but a nice start on the property
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