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    Pimlico, London
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    I am a property consultant, deal sourcer, estate agent, BTL investor and slightly property mad. I love all things bricks and mortar and have a keen interest in architecture. It's not all doom and gloom though I am also a normal 23 year old and enjoy football (Chelsea fan) jazz bars and the occasional kick about on a Sunday!
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    HMO's, BRR, BTL, Buy-to-flip.
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    Lettings, Sales, Sourcing, Market Appraisals, Cad,Property Photography,
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    Financial freedom, to enjoy my work life.
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    Football, Ice Hockey, Architecture

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  1. WHAT. A. GUY. Thank you so much! You have just saved me hours of work, I will await your invoice HAHA.
  2. Hi, I suppose everyone’s seen the adverts online for OnTheMarket.com they claim to have properties 24 hours before they are on right move and zoopla, definitely great marketing but does anyone use it, is it effective and how can I best use it if it’s ufesul thanks in advance
  3. I would expect that you receive location strength information: What makes the property deal you are being offered a good deal? Does it have lots of job opportunities? Are there good schools nearby? What are the transport links like? Is there an airport nearby? Is there a University? If they are offering a property at ‘below market value’ there should be sold properties of the same standard that have sold in the area. Or some other form of supporting evidence to why it is below market value! If you are in the position where you have a lump
  4. Hi Ross, In terms of actual qualifications there isn't a recognised qualification for a property sourcer although what you should be looking at is how quickly the sourcer sends you a deal, if you send them your details on what your ideal investment is and then you get bombarded with property deals from the sourcer it's most likely that they are just sending you through just about anything, a good property sourcer will work hard for the right deal and therefor you will receive less deals but ones that have value to you. I am a property sourcer myself and I can honestly say deals ar
  5. Never underestimate the strength of a good postcode, this can help you sell and create a 'bidding war'. Especially if your flipping it helps to be in a sellable area, makes the process quicker so you can release your investment and crack on with another! best of luck with it all - Jack
  6. Hi Si, a general finders fee is 3-5k, I charge between this amount for my property sourcing company. LinkedIn is your best bet to find a property sourcer in the North East although you should still do your due diligence on the property they are offering and the company that have found the property. Auctions are generally not a lot of properties and a lot of interest so it can be hard to find a good property at auction but that's not to say that there isn't good deals out there & estate agents will also help with finding you below market value properties but in my experience they do tend to
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