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  1. Hi and thanks for your reply, it is much appreciated! I thought the same with regards to the understanding of mortgages as I had previously spoken to a broker who had told me quite the opposite. Will seek out a tax specialist and also revisit with a broker asap. I've literally been going round in circles, whih demonstrates the need for the right specilaist Thanks again Linda
  2. Hello all Hoping to tap into the collective wisdom of other investors or mortgage specialists and apologies if this has been answered already, but really need a bit of help as driving myself nuts looking online I currently own four BTL properties (owned equally between my partner and I). Although we 'own' 50% of each asset I receive 100% of rental income profits,, as effectively this is my work, having left my p/t role to concentrate on this. We also used our solicitor to conduct a deed of trust on each property, every time we have bought. I'm now hoping to purchase further in
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