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  1. Received my link today - Many thanks Rob. Only 25 mins in after my commute this morning and loving the format already. I'll leave a full review when I've finished. Rich
  2. I'd love a code - Podcasts and audio books are the way I obtain all my info. I learn on my commute to work (which hopefully wont have to happen for much longer) - Rich
  3. Rich and Nick Thanks for such a quick and thorough response. I'm going to digest what you've said and get back. Loving this forum already.
  4. This is where I am. I live in Newport, South Wales and would like to invest in a 15 mile radius area. I have a £150,000 deposit. I am a teacher as is my wife (part time) what we want is to eventually get out of teaching by creating enough cash flow of initially £1000pcm so my wife can leave teaching and eventually making £3200pcm so I can leave teaching. Ideally i would to achieve this in 4 years. My dilemma is what kind of property to buy. Being new the game do I go small and gradually buy more over the years or go larger? Based on 75% LTV - Do I: a) look for 1-2 bed flats (nett income approx £146 pcm / cash investment approx £11,700 ) look for 2 bed terraced houses (nett income approx £186 / cash investment approx £20,000) c) 2 bed new builds (nett income £209 / cash invested £32,000) c) 3/4 bed house (nett income approx £600 / cash investment £29000) d) 5 bed HMO (nett income £900 / cash investment £58000) Any advice would be greatly welcome. Rich
  5. With some money to invest I want to turn my hand to the buy to let property market. I need to learn and learn fast and that's where Rob and Rob have entered my life. I think I've listened to about 75 of the 102 podcasts whilst communing to my current (not for long hopefully) job as a teacher. I'm going to post in the advice section so if you read that post any advice would be more than welcome. Speak soon
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