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  1. Hi everyone !! I am looking to buy my first btl property. Can anyone recommend best Nottingham area to invest in..... Looking at properties up to 100k at the start so i guess options are limited... Many thanks to those who reply. Greg
  2. Hi All. I am from Nottingham. Managed to raise 60k with my friend. We both want to start our property journey buying 1st house doing it up and sell. Ideally want to repeat flips couple times to increase our capital and buy 2 - 3 BTL to start saving towards our future. Now question. Is there any short term loan company you recommend from Nottingham? By short term I mean 4-8 months till we refurb and sell...... Any help, ideas, thoughts from Nottingham people more than welcome.... Apart of the auctions, where else to find out prospective propert
  3. Hi I'm new to the forum. For a while me and few mates arebghinking to get into a property market. We are raising approx 15k each (45 in total) to buy a house on the local auction. Just wondering, if a btl mortgage would be appropriate for it. Low monthly cost and early repayment charge are main reasons for it. Can anyone recommend way of securing finance before going to an auction? First few houses we want to flip and every 3-4 keep for rental purpose. How the lenders react when there is 3 of us taking a mortgage for a project ? Many thanks for an
  4. Could I also ask for the spreadsheet ? greg.w1983@gmail.com Thanks
  5. Hi All. I am a new member here. Would appreciate if anyone could drop me that spreadsheet to work out refurb costs.... greg.w1983@gmail.com Many thanks
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