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  1. Equally, it's easier to stand your ground when you know if you 'have' too, you can resolve the problem.
  2. Not sure about anyone else, but I'm going off to buy some Brooklyn bed covers, not sure what the import charges will be .... Mmmmm
  3. That's ok Dennis, I think I was having a sensitive day - which is a tad odd for me !
  4. Dennis, Before you judge keep in mind the other actions people take in life. Before Xmas ( this Xmas ), I driving over the forest and saw a young lad pushing his bike. He was on his way to Fordingbridge. I stopped and asked if he wanted help ( it was raining ). Put him and the bike in the back of the truck and after chatting to him and dropping him off I found out he was sleeping rough and had lost his job. He had friends in Fordingbridge and knew he could get a bath there and they also helped him out with stuff. After exchanging numbers I've now got him into one of my rooms and as
  5. GD, As much as I enjoy property, liverpool is perhaps a little bit of a jaunt for me :-) However, the houses and problems, esp. in normal housing stock will be pretty much the same ! However, with houses you kinda need to see / feel / smell a house and look up and down the road to be able to really assist someone. P.
  6. Alastair, Yep, with a fully written comprehensive contract you can iron out all possible issues. Alas life and projects are not always like that. But, a well written contract of employment would solve most of them. But to be able to write such a contract you probably need to understand what can go wrong to be able to identify it in the contract. And I have to say I've never worked in a conventional style which has probably stunted my financial growth as I fly a little too much by the seat of my pants, it's not everyone's style but it works for me.
  7. I've bought a house with Tenants in situ, wasn't a problem. Just a little fiddly around the contract, other than that it was fine and they started paying rent on day 1 of me owning the house. If you want them out later, just go in and do some building work that takes ages to do and perhaps leaves a few holes in the walls... Just saying !
  8. Depending on the tenants, I've done it before where I've just said, don't pay any rent. Means, at the end ( pro-rata ) you've got a rent paying tenant who your happy with. I would employ someone on a fixed price / time contract. Give them some flexabilty to the price, but not the time.
  9. I'd always choose the chisel the wall out option. I would always have the house empty of everything - inc. carpets to allow easy access to floor boards to run cables. It is messy. So, tie it into other works, like re-plastering, re-decorating.
  10. Read the House Builders Bible, to give you an idea of what is required of carrying out works on a property. As everyone has pointed out. The more detailed the specification the more accurate the quote. Alas, as you've not done this before you cannot ( or it's hard ) write the specification. For example. Paint a room.... One mist coat of latex based paint to walls, ceiling. Two final coats of matt paint to ceiling. Two coats of high opacity paint to walls. Sand, fill, sand, undercoat all wood work. Prime, Top Coat x 2. It might also be an idea to specify which product to use, as the
  11. Well, if someone paid for my time and expertise I would come to a viewing. I've been refinancing and rebuilding property for nearly 20 years. I understand all aspects, from the drains to the roof, electrics, central heating. £45 an hour within 15 miles of Southampton plus costs of travel. Or near Ringwood. If you need to see pictures of what I've developed you are more than welcome, from £100k to £950k. I enjoy what I do. Would I then carry out the works, well, I'm going to be finished on my current refurb in about Feb. and if we get on, then I might consider it. It's really down to us ge
  12. If were carrying out the works, I would request a decent bunch of funds to cover the materials. Upfront ect. Then stage payments. Problem is some 'customers' can come up short at the end of a project and then the builder is stuffed. The trust has to go both ways and if you've not worked with them before I don't think any trust can exist, as such, get a contract in place. It's also normal for budget over spends, esp. when decisions are changed or when someone changes their mind or unforeseen works occur. It's a hard balance to strike. Fortuantly, I buy my own property and do it up, so rarely do
  13. As a refurber.... Agree a plan. Stage payments. Ensure building control are involved and check with them to ensure it's all up to scratch. Make an agreement that sometimes things will over run or things will go wrong. But equally, if it goes smooth then a reduction is needed. Be honest with the builder. And as long as they speak plane english to you and your gut feel comfortable with them then crack on. I'm doing a refurb at the moment and have offered to sort stuff for the people next door 'at cost' as I benefit if their place looks better. £144 ( inc. VAT ) for
  14. "it appears" should you not ask this question before buying !! It would not bother me, other than it looks crap. But perfectly safe.
  15. I've done high end, low end and middle end. I've bottomed out on liking sharker style doors from B&Q. £24 for a 600mm wide door. £28 for a carcass. Put a decent worktop and tiles and your a winner. I always put two spare door under the kick boards ( space permitting ) for when they get screwed up next to the cooker. It will be cheaper than Howdens and Magnets. Sure, them them come and measure up. But designing a kitchen in this market is simple.
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