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  1. Hi All, I have put down a deposit for 1 bedroom off plan new build with Knight Knox to complete in Q1 2018 in Salford. All seems good, but being an amateur and this being my first I am somewhat lacking confidence and wondered if anyone knows of Knight Knox? I have researched Knight Knox on the internet but the reviews are a bit limited - anyone knows much about them or any experiences? I know of Barrett Homes, Taylor Wimpey, St George developments etc but first time I have heard of Knight Knox so be interested in hearing any experiences Many thanks Sav
  2. Hi All, I’m considering putting down a deposit for 1 bedroom off plan new build with Knight Knox for £115,000. The flat will complete in Q1 2018 in Salford Ive been struggling with BTL in SE England, so thinking of changing tact but have not been able to view the areas or the development. The flats are going very fast being seen as good value and I am looking for advice on Knight Knox and anyone who may have also gone down this route. I have spoken at depth with the sales agent and have good information I think relating to sale and the yield should be around 6%. I am more interest
  3. Hi Richard, Many thanks for sharing your opinion and thoughts. I ended up changing locations last year from South East London to Sussex as I felt it was a more buoyant market and easier to get a good BTL. The last sale fell through as the number of years advertised on the lease was shorter than on the lease docs and investing in time and money into extending it hadnt been factored into the final agreed sales price, which the vendor wouldn't negotiate. It has taken me quite some time to learn the streets and areas, which is the main difficulty with extending my search area now - when based
  4. Hi Stephanie and All, This may also be of interest for those that can access events in London http://www.meetup.com/The-Female-Property-Investors-Network/ I'd also be interested if a side networking group establishes here - although I am a little older in my early 30s! Savi
  5. Hi Scott, Many thanks for taking the time to share your ideas! I will be in Edinburgh so it would present new search areas, as previously I was looking in South East coastal side Southampton/Brighton. Im not sure how easy it would be for me to find a friendly investor and if I'd want to go down that road due to potential complications, but I can at least try and find meet-ups/networks to find out more about the city and area...maybe once I am eligible for a mortgage I may go for Scotland to invest in, who knows Savi
  6. Hi All, I have been attempting to purchase my first BTL over 1 year (including research!), and after 2 failed attempts I am now in a position of starting a masters degree for a year from Sept 2015. This means I will be quitting my job in July/Aug and I am not sure if a) I should continue my search and hope to find something that will complete on time, as if the buying process shoots beyond my 'expiry date' it will pose lots of challenges or bb) leave the whole thing for 1 + years after the masters and then try again once on a job contract I am taking it is near impossible for me to g
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