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  1. A key point you may have overlooked in your example is the 'numerous re-mortgages' that you have made effectively means that you have been continuously re-investing the proceeds into other (property) investments, so in practice you have made considerably more than the £22k. Had you not remortgaged, using your own example, you would be deducting the £78k CGT from £300k, leaving you with a very fat profit of £228k!
  2. What a superb thread. Thanks very much Ben (I would have referred to you as BB but it appears you are Ben. Not sure how others found that out though!) You've got a 5* rating from me! Two questions: - 1. How do I put your brilliant thread into a 'my favourites' place so I can find it with ease in the future, and 2. I've only got to podcast 73! Resource #73 (Quill) was heavily recommended. However, having got onto their website I was not able to download anything of value for my website. Is it possible that as I am still in 2014 in my podcast time machine this resource is no lo
  3. Hi Everyone, My name is Sat and I’m a newbie trying to slow down the clock as I approach 60! I had my first meeting last week with Paul at RMP Properties, and have come away energised and raring to go! My wife and I own a btl in Woodside Park (a stone’s through away from home) and we also own my business property (a children’s nursery). As we do not own any property outside the M25, we will probably buy one this year through RMP, although we need to decide first if this will be through a Limited Company. The aim then would be to continue adding to the portfolio over the next 10 yea
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