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    Love travelling, fishing and singing
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    house in Marbella
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    finding new friends, chilling out

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  1. Why don't you talk to Tranio? It is an international company with offices in Turkey. They should know everything about currencies, houses for sale in Turkey and the law. I am sure there is a way to make it work for you in the current situation.
  2. I don't see any issue, money is money. As long as you paid your part and signed all necessary documents there should be no issues. Anyway you can check with Tranio as they consult for free.
  3. Hi! Glad that you decide to proceed with this real estate business it really brings good money. There are a lot of property for sale in UK and Scotland. Why don't you think of investing in a hotel? My friend is going to buy a 3rd hotel in Scotland already. Business goes really well apparently.
  4. Real estate for sale in Spain is always on a good level. For example it is always profitable for anybody to invest in any kind of property in Barcelona and here is why https://tranio.com/articles/why-investing-in-property-in-barcelona-is-profitable_5208/ and I am not even talking about Marbella where all the rich people are living and spending their money and time every year
  5. Michael, I would suggest to talk to Tranio as they deal with property for sale in Spain for a long time. They helped my friend with similar issue to yours so might be worth it.
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