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  1. The difference being capital repayment or interest only. Btl typically do not repay capital each month which reduces the running costs. Listen to the podcast about leverage (mortgages), not sure what number, but that'll help you understand.
  2. Hi Liam, Well done for being so active with property from such a young age, I wish I had been! One observation I will make is whether your goal is meaningful and clear for you as written? 15 properties worth >80k each giving income (gross or net?) of 600. What part of this is truly important to you? Portfolio value, gross income, number of houses? If you can write that down clearly it should give you focus. For an example my goal is a level of net income each month that matters to be able to build a portfolio at a rate that supports financial freedom. That allows me to break down the big goal into smaller, more manageable ones (e.g. save more money for a deposit for house #1!) Hope that helps.
  3. Hi all, Whilst I don't disagree that zoopla valuation is virtually always wrong, it is useful to look at as part of research as it does provide house price change data (which is what is applied to the last sold price) and there are links to recent sales in there. So it should be in the right ball park. Granted I'm talking from my experience as a house owner who hasn't yet invested but so long as you qualify the information you use and understand its limitations it can be useful.