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  1. Thank you so much for your comments, a lot of helpful information! Phil, Good points. We could definitely buy a property that needs refurbishment to live for a couple of years and sell or rent it after. We though about this before, as I am an architect and my partner is a quantity surveyor, so i think we could really do a good job on improving and increasing the value of a property. I need to investigate a little better on the type of mortgages and refinance options, etc. Richard, I almost fell into the RDPD trap, they are so damn convincing, if it was't for my partner talk some sense into me. Thank you for all your information, it goes according to what i've been thinking. We did open a LISA account, just to start the clock, as we can only use it after 1 year, but i still need to understand all terms and conditions, as i don't think is very flexible. For instance I think you can't buy to live and after rent the house (unless in very special situation). William, Thank you as well for sharing your experience. Cheers, Monica
  2. Hi Everyone, My name is Monica, I came across a free Workshop from Rich Dad, Poor Dad, where they talked about real estate investing and since then I've been really interested in this idea. I started to research on this topic, bought some books, listened to podcasts and videos, but there is still so much to learn ... I understand the concept of a property as a liability vs asset but i have this dilemma : I am a first time buyer, should buy to let be the best first step? I live with my partner and we are renting at the moment, we are both first time buyers so should we not take advantage of the benefits, for instance, not having stamp duty, etc... I also heard that mortgages for buy to let are limited to a first time buyer. So i do not know what to do first. It may be a personal choice, and i am sure there isn't a right or wrong answer, but i would appreciate to hear some ideas/ opinions from people experienced in the field. Thank you. Monica
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