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  1. Hi Zeon - bought a place in Pontypridd last year and hoping to complete on one in Grangetown soon. Had some very useful help from the monthly meet ups. Hope all goes well for you. We are really happy to be in Wales. Kind regards Marion
  2. Hi Steve - I know someone who may be interested. Can you send me details please. Best of luck with your project. Regards Marion
  3. I want to join a landlords' association. Any recommendations - RLA or NLA?
  4. Hi Tracey - You could have a look at Grangetown which is close to the city and seems to be 'on the up'. Quite a lot of young professionals have recently moved into the area. Property prices are increasing though and houses selling quickly. Also the council is still putting money into improving parts of it - eg facades, roofs and insulation. Maybe worth checking out. Some students live there as well although Roath and Cathays are still more popular with them. Would be interested in hearing how you get on. Regards, Marion
  5. Hi Pete - I would agree with Jayne's comments. In general Newport doesn't seem to be the first choice for cheaper accommodation for people working in Cardiff. We are currently looking at 'commuter' towns to Cardiff which are in the valleys and on the main line, such as Pontypridd, Porth, etc. There appears to be a trend of people living there and working in Cardiff. Good luck, would be interested in how you get on. Regards, Marion
  6. Hi Jason - I agree with all that's been said here. Giving tenants just that "little bit extra" makes all the difference. I also self-manage and make a point of responding to any communication/problem immediately, even if I can't do anything straightaway I keep in touch. Most of the communication is done by email but I always make a point of having a chat early on to make sure of the situation. And to empathise!!. Charging a reasonable rent from the beginning and sticking with it is good. The idea is to make them feel that they're getting a good deal and that you care, and to make you feel
  7. Hi Matt (and Pete) - my son and I are novices too and looking to build up a bit of a local network in Cardiff. If you're interested please get in touch and we can have a natter over a coffee or something. Regards, Marion
  8. Thanks so much Donald, that's really helpful and comprehensive. Much appreciated
  9. We are new to BTL mortgages. Any advice on what type of mortgage to go for eg variable, fixed, tracker?
  10. We're just about to view our first properties, with several different agents, for our new BTL investment portfolio. Any advice on what to ask estate agents at this first meeting and is there anything in particular we should look for at our viewings?
  11. Hi Pete - I'm also looking to buy our first BTL in Cardiff in the near future. We've had a couple of quotes from brokers and I'd be happy to share it with you. Are you interested in meeting up for a coffee and a chat anytime? Regards Marion
  12. My son and I are planning to get started on a property portfolio together, in the Cardiff area initially. We are still at the goal setting and strategy building stage and would really appreciate meeting other investors, either on-line or face-to-face. We would like some recommendations re solicitors, mortgage brokers, builders, and estate agents in Cardiff. Can you help please?
  13. Hi everyone - I have bought, done up and sold a number of properties in the dim and distant past but been 'out of the loop' for some years now. With my husband I own a house in Cornwall which is rented out, a flat in Plymouth, also rented out and a flat in France which was not a good investment and we're currently trying to sell. This has a mortgage on it. I am interested in investing in BTL properties here in Cardiff but not sure whether or not to get into letting rooms - large student population here, or to let as a whole. I am 66 so don't have a long-term goal. I'm hoping to spend
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