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  1. Hey Hubbers, What are your thoughts on seeing a broker in person compared to one online - Having found various sites out there during my research? I'm teetering on the edge of jumping in and getting started and will obviously need the advice of a broker to see what's do-able. Do you think it's best to go see one face to face, or is the online market just as good these days as I'm guessing any good independent broker will have access to the products that are out there where ever they are. I must admit I would prefer "seeing" someone as over time you'll get to know each other and buil
  2. Ace, thank you for the advice chaps, seems like all is not lost and there will definitely be some options out there for sure. Certainly seems a lot more choice compared to when I first mortgaged nearly 17 years ago, and like you say it's a case of digging for the alternatives. Good call about the repair ideas too: spreading the credit card balances, squirrelling savings away and generally showing some money sense to potential lenders. Great stuff, thanks again!
  3. Hello Hubbers, I'm an excited, cautious, optimistic, newbie here, and loving what I'm seeing so far. I'm already working my way through the many ace podcasts, blogs, tutorials, vids, plus anything else I can get hold of to learn more about property investment. I've read/listened to many audio books on the subject up to now, and plan to keep the learning going before hopefully making the jump next year. I've gone from books that are essentially just an up sell to property investment courses promising you the world, and of course Rob D's excellent (and more realistic
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