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  1. Sunama, I invest not far from Middlesbrough so if you need any advice let me know. I live in Newcastle though, otherwise I would've offered to do some viewings. Cheers
  2. I'd seize the moment, sell up and invest further North for yield. No brainer for me but everyone is different.
  3. Hi Simon, I invest in stockton on tees and central Newcastle. I’m in the middle of a flip in newcastle currently and I just use estate agents normally though I have bought one at auction previously. Lots of deals to be had in the North east right now, it’s a great time to buy IMO. Fill your boots!
  4. Alba, I think the flipping route is perfectly viable country, in fact world wide! You just have to know the market and know the numbers inside out to ensure a profit. Goes without saying, it's certainly easier in a rising market but I have made steady profits in a variety of markets, its all about the purchase price and achieving a saleable product, within budget! Cheers
  5. Had Howdens kitchen designer round on Friday and he said he’s seen a rising number of people building-in larders. Said he thinks it’s bcoming fashionable again for sure
  6. Lee, I think it all depends on your goals over the short term. Are you looking to escape the rat race, therefor needing to build yield quickly? Or are you building a big pension pot for use down the line? I personally feel birmingham will experience extended growth in the coming years and am looking to find decent areas there now. Cheers
  7. Agree with Haf on this one. The current house i'm doing, i've added one in but couldn't convert the larder as all the services were in there. I therefor went to the trouble of cutting the double length garage in half and adding a utility and downstairs WC to the rear part.
  8. I’d definitely be looking at northern England rather than wales. Manchester, Liverpool or Newcastle where u can get decent 3 beds for 70-80k returning 595pcm
  9. Hi Carl, I’m just doing DD on these area st the moment, wouldn’t class myself as a Sourcer but I’ll try and help you if I can. Cheers
  10. Where are you investing Ross? I’m also on the hunt for a bungalow to extend and go into roof space. Thinking a supply and demand and they don’t build them any more!
  11. The fact Carney is predicting a fall in prices should give you all the confidence to move forward with your property in the knowledge it will increase in value. Have you read some of his earlier predictions? The man's a buffoon.
  12. Buy for 180k; 20k refurb carried out by myself and tradesmen friends and sell for 250k hopefully!
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