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  1. Always up for a brew Tom I've got experience of the coast from Tynemouth up to Ashington but would be good to meet other members who could maybe increase the posse's exposure of north shields, south shield, gateshead etc Keep me posted if you get any bites
  2. Awesome piece of advice, their quote was £160 cheaper than direct line. Thanks for the heads up
  3. Hi Hubbers I have been listening to the 4 hour work week and its got my mind spinning about whether a VA would be better than a rental management company. Seen a few threads on this, most are using the VA's towards a specific project or task, but has anyone used a VA team to manage their portfolio? so whats the pro's and cons for each? If you have your power team already, would a VA not be a better alternative as they're using people you trust? Is it better to have a local person in an established rental company that has the experience in the area? I know VA's cost on average $5 /hour, but how many hours do you expect would be needed over the stretch of a year? will they be cheaper? Come at me hubbers.... please share your knowledge. I'm especially interested in hearing experiences of portfolio management using VA's.
  4. A friend of mine has two renting and they've had no problems renting, he prefers them. He was advised that they dont tend to build bungalows as much anymore as builders are greedy and want to maximise their profits nowadays (his words not mine). He has one rented to a retiree but the other is a single mum who works in the police. He's not had a problem from them in three years. I'm considering one myself, just squirreling the capital away and awaiting a golden goose to turn up Lee