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  1. Hi All, I am currently exploring Sheffield as one of the cities to invest in this year. I would be very much appreciate some guidance on which areas to focus and avoid with any supporting rationale. My strategy is yield (short term) and appreciation (long term). Tenancy - ideally professionals I look forward to your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. Hi, My portfolio is currently all houses and I am currently exploring the option of buying and letting an apartment / flat. I understand there a number of things to consider when renting a flat / apartment, if I remember correctly Rob & Rob did an awesome podcast covering all these aspects. I should be grateful if someone could remind me which episode this was and if anyone has an resources which outlines the difference between renting a house and flat etc. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Shas
  3. Hi Guys, There is an investment opportunity in Derby, the property is located 100m from University of Derby and close road links, National Trust site etc. Property Details The option here is to convert to a HMO or let as a house (students / professional / family). With the large rear garden presents an opportunity extend subject to planning permission.
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