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  1. Why must you have a copy? As I understand it you cannot enter a property lawfully without tennants consent, even if they are in arrears with rental etc. I agree its better to hold a spare set and we always do; Although i am speaking in terms of UPVC doors only here, but 99% of doors which I have came across have the same type of lock, so at the end of a tennancy we switch the locks for one of a number of spares we have in case outgoing tennant retains a key, these type of locks are not expensive anyway and I'd go as far as to say anyone who knows the correct end of a s
  2. Hi There, Just happened across this forum when doing some research into an upcoming development I am planning, and looks like it is full of a wealth of infomation. A little about me, I currently have 2 BTL's which were bought as long term invesments, and in the past year completed a renovation and re-sell with F-I-L who has a reasonable sized portfolio. My job see's me overseas a lot, which I im now tired with so looking to persue some projects that will generate shorter term capital gain, with the view to being able to move away from my full time job.
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