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  1. Thanks Julia, Much appreciated. Also found https://www.kitchendoorworkshop.co.uk/ https://www.thekitchendoorshop.co.uk/ If anyone has any other contacts would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Rhys
  2. Would it be outrageous to ask for suppliers of replacement kitchen door cupboards? The property is ready to let, yet 4 doors are tatty and should be replaced. The rest of the cupboards and fitted kitchens are in great condition. Just need to match the colour of the carcass. Yours wonderingly, ...
  3. Dear all, Sunshine, beautiful views and wanting to sell. A good friend of mine is struggling to sell her 2 bed apartment in Mallorca, so that she can have the seed money to start investing properly in the UK. Could anyone recommend a good agent and/or advice on how to sell swiftly? Kind regards, Rhys
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