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  1. Good evening all We have found a property that we are wanting to but and it's under auction conditions. I just wondered if anyone knows a good solicitor to use as I have only had bad experiences with it Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Darren Thanks for the reply, sorry I have been busy with work, well ending work. As Kirsti and I are going to make a leap of faith and hope it doesn't all go wrong. I have renovated my property (that is a few weeks now from completion) and should have around 85k in the bank so we are going to BTS and hopefully be able to do it well enough that we only need to get part time jobs for the "quiet times" to ensure that we have food on the table. You posts are keeping me very busy at work.... Well busy with reading and not so much with work! Sam and Kirsti
  3. Good Afternoon all, I am looking at buying at auction renovating and selling on to build up my pot of money so I can start my portfolio and eventually mean I can stop working. Whilst doing this I will only be working part time and will aim to get each property completed in approximately 4 months, has anyone come across any issue when selling a property in this speed as I know quite a few mortgage companies won't agree to a mortgage for the buyer if it has been previously sold within 6 months Thanks in advance Sam and Kirsti
  4. Hello all! Unfortunately Kirsti and I have been put in a situation which could be a good starting point for us or a risky time. Kirsti has been made redundant at work and we've been looking how to start our property journey properly. So we were wondering do I pack up my job on the south coast and sell my house (80-90k equity) and just dive straight in move further up north as we're not bothered where we live buy a house outright do it up to the remortgage and rent out and then continue like that until we have enough money coming in to get our own mortgage to live somew
  5. Hi, My girlfriend and I (Kirsti and Sam) have been to a sales seminar about making money from property and with a bit of research have decided not to go on their training course/sales pitch. We have however decided that we want to get into property investment for our future and to become financially free (hopefully), we have together done up a house already and have some equity in it and we enjoy the renovation side of things. Looking into some strategies we think starting off with a flip or 2 to build up our cash is the way we would like to go before getting our portfo
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