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  1. Thank you for your time. I agree it just pains me to miss out on deals available. Also if i do a refurb in the year and flip it i gain the valuable experience i would love to have and hopefully create more than 10k to then use for hands off approach. Im jus caught in 2 minds whether to play safe or jump in
  2. Hi, im a newbie also. I have been saving painfully to reach the elusive 25k before i commit to my 1st investment. I plan to use RMP with a hands off approach over a ten yr goal to be finacially free from my current employment. However I am often side tracked by other strategies and really just want to take action...i have about 15k available and it will take about a slow n hard yr to get another 10k saved.... I know i should jus keep saving but i really want to take action and start the year with a kick up the backside. Does anyone have
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