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  1. Hi Derek, Thank you for your response. I think you’re right about the garage and garden and I will take these points onboard. I’ll question the agent for further feedback from the previous viewings and assess everything from there. Thanks again, Nyall
  2. Hi Derek, Could I get a copy please? Many thanks, Nyall
  3. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-59747478.html Hi all, I potentially have the opportunity to renovate the above property for a family member to increase their chance of a sale. It has currently been on the market for 5 months with only a few viewings and one offer a chunk below £400k. The understanding is we would value the property at £400k today, I would complete a refurb for say £30k. If it sells for £450k I would be paid back my refurb costs and keep 75% of the uplift for my time and effort. It would be my first refurbishment however my parents have re
  4. Hi all, My partner and I are first time buyers and looking to buy an off plan property in the South East. The developer is asking for a 10% deposit now and a further 10% 3 months after our solicitors have received the legal pack. The scheme is being developed by the local council but being sold by a developer. I have been told that only the initial 10% is protected by "checkmate warranty" (I am yet to research this any further) and I do feel somewhat comfortable paying the additional 10% deposit as the money is not going to a developer who could go bust. But can anyone shed any furt
  5. Same here as well, I am using a mac. Thanks
  6. Hi John, It is due to many factors. Rather than type them out I would suggest listening to episode 013 of the podcast, it covers this area well. Cheers, Nyall
  7. Hi Olga, I am from Cardiff and think this will make a huge difference. I know many people who will be moving this side of the bridge to places like Newport/Magor etc. I haven't looked at prices in these area's for a while but I think they will rise, if they haven't already. Cheers, Nyall
  8. Hi Mithril, You're best bet would be to contact local builders or anyone that friends/family/colleagues can recommended and ask them to come around to provide a quote. Try to provide them with as much detail as possible including floor, wall and light finishes, kitchen spec etc. This will ensure they are all pricing the same scope of work and their figures can be accurately compared. And remember cheapest isn't always best !! Cheers, Nyall
  9. Hi Alex, A far from ideal situation. I have been working my way through all of the podcasts over the last few months and I am sure there was an episode/section of an episode which covered this exact issue. My memory seems to think you can tell them to go and whistle but I may be wrong so please try and dig it out yourself. Hope that can provide you with a starting point, All the best, Nyall
  10. Hi Lee, The sign up link is below https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-property-hub-meetup-cardiff-tickets-25315000849 Thanks, Nyall
  11. Hi, Would be interested to hear people's thoughts on this announcement today https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-45698446 Thanks, Nyall
  12. Hi all, Just a note to introduce myself, explain my situation and ask a few questions I'm 25 and currently living in Oxford. Myself and my partner will be looking to buy our own house next August and then move into property developing Jan 2020. Until then I am aiming to learn as much as possible and really appreciate peoples posts and progress journals, as they provide invaluable knowledge. Would anyone recommend attending the meet ups even though I'm doubtful I can invest for another 15 months? If yes, would people recommend the Reading or Bi
  13. Hi Helen, For the Solicitor try Rebecca Goldsworthy of JCP solicitors in St Andrews crescent. She’s very proactive and really pushes the conveyancing process along. Thanks, Nyall
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