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  1. Hi I manage about 15 properties for myself and my parents and brother. Regarding insurance, I was thinking of using a broker. To get me the best quote but also advise on the insurance application and claim process. Any advice appreciated on whether this is the way to go, and a good broker if so!
  2. That's a really good example thanks! My view is that you don't even think about those things happening as they seem so unlikely, but within a 30 year investment horizon, extreme things are definitely going to happen at least once.
  3. Advice very very much appreciated thank you! Couple of comments: 1. Regarding the limited company, good advice that it's what works in your situation. Mine is that my partner and I are not legally married although we've been together for nearly 20 years, and my salary is in the 40% income tax bracket. So the limited company works assuming we trust one another and she has a lower tax bracket for getting the money out, plus you can deduct the interest 100% in a limited company. In general, I do also have a huge concern about the whole economy and a sudden shock, causing high inte
  4. Hi Maybe I'm being negative, but what are all the downside risks (ways of losing money) from property investing? And the way to manage that risk so you lose as little as possible. Here is my list - please comment/advise! 1. Increased interest rates. Manage by making sure you are still cash flow positive even if they increase by +1% 2. Property market crash. Manage by making sure I wont need the cash that would force me to sell during a crash. 3. Reduction in rent value. Manage by working out what happens if rental income is reduced by 10% and make sure it's still cash flow po
  5. Yeah, it sounds really great in principle, as you get the tax break of the pension plus the "guaranteed" income of property (compared the volatile income from shares). Will have a further search to see if there are other ways of basically doing the same!
  6. I don't know the details, but various google searches I've done suggest there are very high taxes on this which makes it unviable.
  7. Hi Anyone here invested in Bricklane / got any feedback? I want to invest some of my pension into residential property and it seems like a good idea given the potential capital upside in regional capitals. Any thoughts?
  8. Hi Has anyone worked out the difference between BTL vs Pension investment for a higher rate taxpayer. I want to run the maths and see which one is actually better. So far I've worked out that the pre-tax income is 72% better with a BTL assuming: 1. Salary sacrifice scheme which puts 100% of the employers NI into the pension fund 2. Property value doubles in 10 years time 3. 3.5% net rental return 4. Mortgage is paid for by the rental profits with no excess 5. 2% return on the shares (which I know is low but this is the "safe withdrawal rate
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