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  1. Hey Tomson, hey Derek, ah see that’s what I had thought, I’m not sure what they were saying about ye banks forcing home owners to pay the balance in lost equity was about. Threw me completely but what you guys are saying makes sense and is what I had thought! Thanks very much for getting back guys, appreciate it
  2. Hi all, looking to ask what people’s strategies are for securing properties while sourcing? New to sourcing and have found several deals and arranged ‘good faith’ and ‘non circumvent’ contracts with my investor clients so they won’t go around and cut me out. But. My question is, how do people secure the property from the seller and make sure someone else doesn’t swoop on it while my investor is doing their due diligence as the property stays advertised until a formal offer comes from their solicitor? Any ideas would be greatly accepted
  3. Ah see that’s what I thought which made sense, was thrown into confusion when someone said that if the value dipped below what ever deposit you put in say 10% then the bank can ask you to repay the difference. Made no sense to me so long as you make your repayments I thought you’d be ok
  4. So just been looking back and discussing with a pal, and neither of us were really clear on it so thought I would ask on here. In the 2008 crash when house prices dropped, how was it the banks could then call for repayment on the loan? Surely if you continue making your repayments the loan is good and the bank is happy? I thought only if you defaulted on payment the bank then chased you and forced sale to recover the loan? Is that right or if the house dropped into negative equity can the bank force your hand? confused face*
  5. Hi everyone, I’m Rob and I’m based in Glasgow. I’m new to property and my interest was sparked last year when I bought my own house. I found a love for negotiation that I didn’t realise I had and managed to save myself 15 k below home report which I thought was good. I found it exciting so looked into property more. I'm just married so most of my capital was spent on my wedding so now slowly building back up so I can invest myself. Meantime, I am looking at boosting my capital by helping other people and source deals. I’m interested to hear what people’s investment crite
  6. rob rolston


    Hey Joe, not so much up Falkirk/Edinburgh way, but, if you step slightly further west, in Lanarkshire I have found some great deals yielding about 10% when you know where to look, the periphery of Glasgow still has lots of good cash flow opportunities if you know where to look Rob
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