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  1. Hi Bazz More of a legal question than insurance I'm afraid. The insurance just needs to note all interested parties to be valid.
  2. Hi James That price suggests a rebuild cost of approximately £5million. Are they all mansion sized flats and listed? If not, then chances are you are paying a lot more than needed. If interested, give me a call or email below and I'll sort out very high cover but at a market leading price. We insure a lot of blocks of flats!
  3. Hi Jordan We don't offer appliance insurance, only landlord home emergency. Try British Gas or similar, but I think you will find it difficult to justify the cost of any insurance against benefit I suspect.
  4. Hi Peter I work with Rob Dix on insurance and would be happy to work on your insurance with you, just give me a call or mail on the details below if you want a quote. I am a landlord myself, so do speak the same language!
  5. Hi Doug, You need to get renovation insurance to begin with that allows unoccupancy. Then when a tenant moves in, change to Landlord Insurance. If the Company owns the property, then the insurance needs to be in the company name. Easy to sort, give me a call on 01832-735388 and quote Property Hub and 'll quote for you.
  6. Hi Maria You'll need to read the policy and decide whether it is up to scratch for you. The problem is you cannot buy buildings insurance for a property you lease. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi GM It is the freeholder that needs to put the property insurance in place. Rent to rent is easy to provide, but it needs to be the freeholder that buys it. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi Kris Give us a call if you still need this - sorry for the delay coming back to you, been very busy! 01832-735388
  9. Hi K Our offer is £125 for the year with up to £75,000 per year in claims allowed (£6250 per month), with £50k legal expenses included. There is no excess payment either. You do need to have your tenants pass a credit check, supply proof of address, employer references, utility bill and identification to apply the insurance. We operate the offer that runs through Property Geek, please see here: https://www.propertygeek.net/article/rent-guarantee-insurance/ If I can help any further, let me know on the number below! Jason McClean www.thehomeinsurer.co.uk 01832-735388
  10. Hi Tim It's up to the underwriters and their appetite to risk and tenants. Try getting insurance for Asylum Seekers and you'll get a lot of rejections.
  11. Hi Stuart We can cover non standard construction and commercial/buy to let flood requirement. You are in a low flood risk area, so I would need to speak with you to get more information to sort a quote. Normally, if all in order and no prior flooding, terms come out very close to standard. The construction is not an issue, we will recognise it on the policy. Do call if I can help further.
  12. Hi Andrewv Our offer is £125 for the year with up to £75,000 per year in claims allowed (£6250 per month), with £50k legal expenses included. There is no excess payment either. You do need to have your tenants pass a credit check to apply the insurance. If I can help any further, let me know on the numbers below!
  13. Hi Alex I know Oddie Dalton, good little firm and we have worked with them in the past. May be good on renovation but the issue with Hull is flooding and that is a very different risk. Either way, I would recommend trying a couple of firms to see if you can get landlord insurance with flood cover. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi Naj Give me a call tomorrow and I'll see if I can help with the flood insurance you need. The Home Insurer is recommended by The Property Hub & The National Flood Forum and we are one of the few brokers that can offer rates for let property with flood included in the UK. Nor sure who Alex is recommending, keen to find out though as not many can offer flood/landlord.
  15. Hi Naj Hull is known as a flood risk area for insurers, it's worth checking out you can get flood insurance ahead of purchasing. In most cases we can deliver, but it is not straightforward.
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