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  1. Good morning everyone. I posted a while ago that I was going into property investment as a full time job. However I now have left my old company with much less than I was hoping for. Originally, I was going to purchase 4 flats ready to go, no refurb, on a BTL basis so that I had a regular income from them. Then I wanted to do some flipping with the remainder of my money, along the way adding to the BTL's. Now, I don't have enough to do both and I need to make money as an income and the BTL's wouldn't give me enough. So, the only way I can see that is viable for the moment is to flip as many as possible in the next 12 months, hopefully giving me enough capital not only to live on but to start investing in BTL. Does this seem the right thing to do, or does anyone have any other advice please? Many thanks for reading.
  2. Thank you. I have a company accountant now, and although i've used him for many years, I don't think he would be the best person in this instance. If anyone out there can recommend one that would be great....I take it you're not available
  3. Hi everyone! As the title states, I'm new to this, so please be kind A brief intro to who I am.... I'm 51, have spent the last 25 years working for the family business, where for the last 13 years have been MD after dad retired. it was a business I had absolutely no interest in. A personally traumatic time over the last 3 months has 'pushed' me to re-evaluate my life. My kids have grown, married and have children of their own, so i have decided to sell my shares in the business to my brother (they are being valued as we speak). My love is design and property. I have loved buying the houses we have lived in and over the years getting more & more brave in what I did to them. My latest home is a 19th century cottage that I have knocked out walls, fitted a kitchen and bathroom and re-designed the garden. I'd like to put all of this passion into other property that I can make money from. My plan is to buy 3 or 4 'easy' BTL flats/houses, as an income stream, and whatever I have left I'd like to buy a property to renovate and flip, hopefully making a profit and moving onto another, and on and on.... I am getting up to date with the podcasts on here...they're great. An I have bought 100 property investment tips and rich dad poor dad books, that i've almost finished reading. So I feel I am getting some great advice already. I'm going to my first auction in the next couple of weeks to see how thing work, and will be attending the Property Hub network meeting next week, I have also subscribed for the webinar on Monday. I feel I am preparing myself enough, but if anyone can recommend anything else I should be doing I'd appreciate all the advice I can get. Also, can anyone recommend a good conveyancer and tax accountant? I'm in Leicester if that matters? Look forward to getting some tips and tricks for you and I can't wait to start my new journey Claire